10 Signs Your Boyfriend is a Schmuck

November 17, 2010 by cynthia18  
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How to know when you should dump your guy? Read below.

Many women think that their guy is the greatest gift on earth, while the truth is that he is the world’s greatest white elephant exchange gift! Are you one of these women? Do some things of his seem odd at the back of your mind yet you force yourself to forget them? Are you wondering whether you should just dump him and go on? Here are some things that make him the world’s greatest lout.

1) Ogles at your best friend – If your guy cannot keep his eyes you’re your gorgeous girlfriends butt, and uses every opportunity to meet her and flirt with her, then you should definitely slam the door in his face.

2) Parades you as a trophy girlfriend – If the thing your guy loves the most is making you dress in sexy, revealing clothes and parading you in the bar in front of his friends, then he is a sleaze ball! He does not care about you, only thing he does care about, is making his friends jealous because he has you.

3) Interested only in your beauty – If your guy only admires you for your looks, and that sexy body, and refuses to go out with you when you have pimples, then he should be thrown out of the house! If he does not allow you to eat your favourite snack because you will get fat, then kick him out of your life.

4) Abuses you – You should never be with any guy who abuses you either physically or verbally. Abuse leaves scars on your mind whether you are aware of it or not. You need to be with a guy who will always respect you even at his angriest. If the abuse is scaring you, seek legal protection, but on no account consider staying with your guy.

5) Is a ladies man – Ladies men are the worst boyfriends to have. They flirt with other girls in your presence, plainly ogle at them and even whistle at the sexy bartender when drunk. These guys can exchange numbers with girls even at a funeral. You need to dump them straight away. Actually whatever made you go out in the first place?

6) Has cheated on you – The adage “Once a cheater, always a cheater” is true in most cases. When your guy has cheated on you, he has already shown disrespect towards you and your feelings. What are you still doing with him?

7) People warn him against you – When your friends, his friends or his ex-girlfriends warn you against him, it’s usually for a good reason. Plus true. You always feel, he is different and that the same won’t happen with you, but more often than not, it does.

8) He sponges off you – If your guy is a loser who can’t seem to stick at steady work and depends on your hard-earned money for his drinking and bar-hopping, it’s definitely time to let him live on the streets.

9) Oops, off course he meant you, honey – If your guy keeps calling you by his ex’s name publicly and sometimes even in the bedroom, and it is years after they broke up swat him with a fly-swatter and kick him out.

10) Does not trust you – Some guys are suspicious of their girl-friends every move. They question her about her daily activities, suspect something is going on with her and their best friend plus think their girlfriend sleeps with other guys. If that sounds like your boyfriend, think of the best time to make him your ex!!

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