10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend

October 6, 2010 by jharmon  
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Thinking you need to get rid of your man? Maybe you do. But before you do something drastic that could cause you to lose the love of your life, you want to be sure, right? Right. So check out these 10 signs to watch for when deciding whether or not you need to get rid of your man.

You catch him in bed with your sister

Or maybe it’s your mother or your aunt or your uncle or your nephew or your best friend’s third cousin from out of town. Anytime you catch your boyfriend in bed with anyone that’s not you, that’s a pretty good sign you should dump him right then and there, no questions asked.

He uses your credit card without asking

And lifts cash from your purse or wallet without asking. That is a sign. And no, it’s not a little sign, nor even a simple street sign. It’s a great big, horns blaring, lights flashing, train rolling, clowns doing tricks sign that you need to drop your boyfriend at the nearest corner. Or off the nearest bridge.

He’s on the run from the law

Yes, you love him. But is it really worth putting up with all the garbage that goes along with him being on the run? The having to put all the bills in your name? The having to move every few months? The having to pay for everything with cash? You know, fun stuff like that? You still want him? Then he’s all yours, and you’ll face time behind bars, too, for harboring a fugitive. Good luck with that.

He’s on the run from the mob

Okay, facing a jail sentence is one thing, but facing a bullet between the eyes is altogether something else. Sister, drop this loser. He’s not only going to bring you down, but he’s going to bring you down to the mortuary. For good.

He keeps looking at other women

Maybe you’re not the jealous type and don’t mind your guy checking out other chicks. But looking can lead to talking, and talking can lead to phone calls, and phone calls can lead to meeting, and that can lead to a whole lot more. Babe, correct this behavior in your man or don’t come crying to me when you catch him in bed with your sister.

He keeps looking at other men

And not in a competitive, he-man sort of way. You know what I mean. He also knows the brand names of your shoes and your purse. And he likely knows the names of your perfume and eyeliner. Men generally don’t know that kind of stuff. Your man, honey, is not for you. Or any other woman. Even if he won’t admit it to himself. Especially if he won’t admit it to himself. Have a talk with him, get him some professional help is need be, but it’s over. If not now, 10 years from now when you catch him winking at the paper boy or somebody.

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5 Responses to “10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend”
  1. carissimi Says:


  2. AskSan Says:

    OMG, I love this!!! lol. And thank goodness none of those apply to my guy so I’m going to keep him. Thanks for the heads up John!!! :)

  3. aawwest Says:

    Very, very good! Someone’s really been looking at their Triond stats before writing their next article. Good move !!


  4. zoeyclark Says:

    Ha ha. I sort of dumped a potential boyfriend because I was writing all the time, lol:) Seriously, you can check my articles here, factoidz and my blog;)

    But this is an entertaining and great list. And you cracked my up at the he is looking at other men part. I mean, dating a player might be a little better than dating a gay guy, lol!!! :)

  5. zoeyclark Says:

    p.s. liked and stumbled up! :)

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