10 Signs He Loves You

January 16, 2011 by Wizard Brown  
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What are the key signs he loves you?

Every girl wants to know if he is the one, if he is her soul mate, the one she is destined to be with. But how do you know for sure? Is there a set formula or is it random madness? Here we look at some of the signs he loves you

1. He Wants To Spend His Free Time With You
Is he spending his free times at the pub with his friends? Or at home alone playing computer games? Or does he call around to spend that free time with you? If it’s the latter and you boyfriend is spending his free time with you then this could be one of the signs he loves you.

2. He Phones Or Texts Every Night Before You Go To Sleep
This is cute, sweet, romantic… and one of the signs he loves you. If you boyfriend phones and/or texts you before sleep each night then he is thinking about you even when you are apart. Definitely one of the key signs he loves you.

3. He Introduces You To His Parents
Guys don’t usually introduce girls to their parents unless they are taking your relationship seriously. Some guys won’t even introduce you to their parents until they are sure they want to spend the rest of their life with you! Depending on the guy this can be another one of the signs he loves you.

4. He Takes You With Him When Going Out With His Friends
Does he bring you with him when he is going out with his friends or does he leave you at home alone? If he does bring you along and introduces you to his friends he is introducing you to his social group – another one of the signs he loves you or is at least taking your relationship seriously.
5. He Gets Jealous
This is a big giveaway. If you boyfriend gets jealous when you spend time with other guys, or if he gets jealous when you talk to guys online or via text/phone call, then this is one of the key signs he loves you.

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  1. webseowriters Says:

    An excellent share

  2. khalida Says:

    That was quite sweet :) nice tips :)

  3. anndavey650 Says:

    Pah this must be early stages in relationships. After you’ve been together forever you just get used to ‘What’s for tea love’

  4. lyan08 Says:

    nice share

  5. gvgatchalian Says:

    Great points to look out for…knowing these things take time though. Give it time and allow yourself to see the real score. Nice share!

  6. CHIPMUNK Says:

    great work is true

  7. MeadeFischer Says:

    I like this. Too bad there isn’t 10 signs that men can read about women. But then women are more complicated, so it would likely be 50 signs, and men would never remember them.
    Nice to be in contact.

  8. Wizard Brown Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys :)

  9. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Very interesting,

  10. LadyElena Says:

    Very nice article – I hope I am able to tick off all 10.

  11. crisdiwata Says:

    Nice list. Girls should watch out for these signs. :)

  12. Kate Smedley Says:

    It sounds like you are speaking from experience! Very interesting article.

  13. LJ Spain Says:

    It’s all true.

  14. Starpisces Says:

    very good to know, thanks

  15. Linvio Says:

    somehow i am guilty… thanks for sharing…

  16. SubtleHints Says:

    awww.. this is a very sweet share… :) I agree to most parts.. ^_^ it made me fall in love with my man all over again! :) thanks so much for sharing.. it was a pleasure to read :)

  17. Wizard Brown Says:

    Thanks for all your comments.

    Kind words from you SubtleHints. Danka :)

  18. UncleSammy Says:

    nice share , thanks again

  19. Magic Quill Says:

    if he isnt doing these things then he should be!
    nice share

  20. UncleSammy Says:

    nice share

  21. Cinders Says:

    Great article, very true. Very well written and presented as your articles always are.

  22. Citra Florenca Says:

    Good article :)

  23. Bella White Says:

    I totally agree there, if they really love you they will show it no doubt

  24. cindey Says:

    super nice

  25. foxpete88 Says:

    I like it.

  26. ex girlfriend back Says:

    This is awesome post.. share more interesting article..

  27. jessie Says:

    i like the article but in some cases this aint even true.. yhur boyfriend can blag yhuu and make yhu feel he loves you although he is seeing other women… i have had this experience trust me love aint all it made out to be.. men know how to make women feel… its a shame we fall for it… i for one… am not a fool and will not be taken for one either… no one knows what love really is so how can you tell…???

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