10 Easy Ways to Know If He’s in Love with You

October 8, 2009 by Sheilamba  
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So you like him. A lot. You feel like you’re almost falling in love with him. But how do you know if he wants to get serious with you to the point of saying "I love you" or if he’s looking at you as just a way to pass the time before he moves on to “the real thing”.? Well, we asked a few experts to give us their thoughts and this is their definition of easy ways to tell when a brother’s in love with you.

Dresses Differently

Dianne M. Daniels, certified member of the Association of Image Consultants international, says: “You’ll know because he dresses differently around you.  If you have heard from your guy’s friends and family that he was quite casual before you started dating and now dresses more formally,  he could be showing signs of being in love. Guys don’t make significant changes like that without a good reason, and sex just isn’t a good enough reason.”

Tells You Damaging Information

Another way to know, according to Daniels is if he tells you potentially embarrassing or damaging information about himself.  “If he’s willing to display his faults for you, he trusts you and feels safe with you.  That’s a major component of being in love – that you can show your loved one all your faults and still be secure in their love.”

Really Listens

Listening to you is another sign that he’s in love, says Dr. Orbuch, host of Detroit’s popular Love Doctor television and radio programs.  “He asks you questions about yourself –and then really listens to the answer. This is a surefire sign that he wants to know you better, and finds you endlessly fascinating and worthy of attention and time.

Puts You First

In addition to him giving you this time and attention, what else is important? We asked a recent single who has now found the love of her life. Jean, an office manager, says: “When he does something for you just because you like it, even though he doesn’t like it, that’s a sign he’s in love.  He even gets extra brownie points if he does it without being asked!  For instance, if he takes you out to Chinese/Japanese/you-name-it kind of dinner because you like that type of food and he can take it or leave it, then he’s hooked. If he stays up with you because you love to do that even if he prefers to get an early night – girl the man’s fallen for you big time!

Dianne M. Daniels agrees: “He loves you if he puts your needs first and shows you that your happiness is a top priority for him. He wants to give you what you want because he’s smitten with you”.

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  1. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Beautiful article*



    -Liane Schmidt.

  2. Emma Kay Says:

    This is a great article, and the experts are quoted on very important points. Like it!


  3. Brittany Says:

    Aww….. The day this was posted was the day i met my boyfriend….. I’m falling for him pretty hard….

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