10 Amazing Things About Flirting

June 28, 2011 by kiss132  
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You think flirting is all about the beat a bit of shadow and a few glances stealthily? I gathered some surprising information, that may be to your advantage. Here are 10 things about flirting and what you never knew about flirting.

1. Flirting is good for you Research shows that people who flirt have higher numbers of white blood cells that protect them from aggressive factors, increasing their immunity. 

2. Flirting is not limited to the implied gaze researchers found 52 flirting signals used people. Of these, walked hand through your hair is the most common. 

3. Why wait for dinner?Many people flirt early in the morning on the way to work.62% of drivers confessed to have flirted with someone in another vehicle and 31% of these flirtations have led to the meeting. 

4. In some places, flirting is illegal in Little Rock, Arkansas, an old law is still in force, stipulating penalty 30 days in jail for flirting playful. In New York City, another law stipulates that men who dare to look lascivious woman will be fined $ 25 and the second conviction for the same offense, the offender will wear blinkers in public spaces. 

5. Flirting does not need to be conducted face to face 40% of people looking half say their internet is very easy to flirt via email or SMS. 

6. In the Victorian era, fans were used to communicate all sorts of messages A fan placed near the heart means “you won my heart.” A half-open range and lips stuck to suggest “you can kiss me.” Hiding the eyes behind an open fan meant “I love you”, while opening and closing repeatedly warned fan “you are cruel!” On how useful was a fan, shame that was invented air conditioning! 

7.Nowadays, mobile phones are flirting possible statistics say that half of mobile phone users send messages to maintain the relationship sensual interesting partners as they are gone.

 8. Be careful, you exaggerate! most common mistake people make when they flirting is maintaining eye contact too long. 

9. Sometimes flirting is what it looks Research shows that men tend to confuse the friendly behavior of women around the flirting. 

10.Flirting is universal A woman who lives in Paris and one who takes days in Cambodia have a lot in common, but they want to attract attention, have the same gestures: smiling, arching their eyebrows, open eyes wide and chuckling. 

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