Wife’s Career Potential Conflict

March 31, 2011 by tomyares  
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Wife’s career Potential Conflict.

PAIR husband and wife have a balanced position in the household. That is, the wife also support the family financially. This can lead to conflict. How to handle it and what conflicts often occur? The impact of demands of the times to make women more independent. The pattern of household items such as this no longer requires the cook’s wife or husband demanded treated to a cup of coffee when the home office. In the positive side, of course, the more financially established families with income earnings from both sides. In addition, conflicts are often unavoidable due to their busyness

the couple should know each other busy each, including employment. Before marriage, couples should already understand the busyness of each. It was different when his wife began working as already married.

The husband must reproduce the selection of profession-related information that will be executed wife. Provision of this information is an effort to minimize potential conflicts.

For pair work, role playing was not too stressed. In fact, this role was often blurred. Consequently, there is a tendency pair husband and wife each show power, especially if the wife has a high position in the office.

“The possibility of a wife can not separate between the customs office and home. Because, in a week, more wives at the office. The wife also has the potential to dominant in the household because they still carried the pattern in the offices. when it is in this stage, the wife is expected to be cautious and immediately communicate with her husband. The lack of communication time is the most crucial problems that often occur in pairs busy.

Actually, the quantity of time should not be used as a benchmark. He suggested the couple should very buzy  maximize the time available. If you want to build healthy communication, still prioritize husband. Thus, if you have time to be alone with her husband, you should use as efficiently as possible. Although only five minutes, you and your partner can still crack jokes with each other for a refreshing marriage life. In addition, express feelings such as “I love you” was still needed.

“Quite mild chats, for example the problem of children can be of encouragement,” he pointed out. You will feel comfortable when spending time together even a short duration. For the husband, he will feel needed because there is always the side.

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