Traditions That Bind Us Rituals of Holidays

April 8, 2012 by momofplenty  
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Traditions hold society and family together.

 We all have traditions and rituals that we practice, some are yearly, some are weekly or even daily. These traditions help society feel united and continue customs particular to a culture.

The traditions in my family keep our us united. Regardless of age, we still all enjoy the holiday surprises that come our way. We are enthusiastic about the “same old same old” that we know will be. My children still look forward to the great egg hunt at my mother’s on Easter Sunday and of course, Christmas mornings.

For Easter, we will share ham and potatoes, but also, we will share love, traditions and time. We will pass down the values and customs of our family.

The rituals and traditions get passed from generation to generation, they keep cultural values in tact and family bonds strong.

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12 Responses to “Traditions That Bind Us Rituals of Holidays”
  1. KittyK Says:

    I cherish our family traditions and enjoy seeing them carried on to my daughters families as well…

  2. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Very nicely put. We kind of stopped celebrating some of our rituals. For example, my parents, sister her husband and nephew eat meat on Christmas Eve. It is a Polish tradition to not eat meat for dinner on Christmas Eve. You could have it for lunch for I remember daddy before he retired would get half a day off work and bring us home McDonald’s. Last Christmas I refused to follow and had pierogi (potato dumplings) a Polish tradional food.

  3. smokychristine Says:

    Hoorays for traditions.

  4. Eunike Says:

    Tradition is hard to be ignored

  5. Molly Girl 822 Says:

    Love our traditions!

  6. smokychristine Says:

    I miss some of the traditions with my family. They are so far away. You are right on with this musing. Good to see you here again. You’ve been missed.

  7. stevetheblogger Says:

    After being out for the day I was just about to go to bed and then I thought I would just check in with Triond. So glad I did because I found that one of my favorite friends was back. So nice to hear from you again and I hope you have settled into your new country life. You have been missed as smokey has already said wonderful to her from you and I do hope to see many more articles (when you have time mind first things first) So glad you are back.
    PS Sorry I did not mention the article in my excitement takes me back, lovely read.

  8. johnmariow Says:

    My family has always been close. We would often get together with our cousins, aunts and uncles. All of the aunts and uncles have since past away and so did my parents and my wife’s parents. But I still remember those good times.

  9. vickylass Says:

    Good one, but I want more of this. Good share!

  10. observer1 Says:

    Nice one, welcome back

  11. Stable Says:

    Traditions can be so important. We certainly have ours in my household. Good post!

  12. stephenls Says:

    Thanks for the reminder about traditions. When we venture beyond them to form new traditions, we should never allow ourselves to retain our roots in the old ones.

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