The Professional Woman vs. The Blue Collar Man

November 30, 2011 by rodster57  
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You may be setting your standards too high.

The man of your dream may have passed you by, but may not make a 5-figure a month salary. Maybe he doesn’t drive a Mercedes Benz, a Jaguar or Porshe, but he is ambitious, loving, loyal, trustworthy and a responsible guy. So you are a professional woman who makes more money, drive a Benz or sporty luxury car, etc. and live in a ritzy neighborhood, but still you have no one to share it with.

Sometimes we let possessions and money dictate our life, but even rich people aren’t always happy. You should first look at the heart of a person and how well they treat you and if you are a compatible match. Second; it is very important to communicate with your prospective other to learn as much as possible before making a commitment. Take your time getting to know the person you’ve met, he just may be the one God intended you have in your life.

A lot of women go for men who are famous, sports figures, a certain height, wealthy, etc. However, if you find him attractive, ambitious, attentive, caring, loving and loyal- you should keep him. The main thing is will you be his one and only or his number two and lonely. Wealth attracts anyone, but don’t be a victim of infidelity, dishonesty or even fatal attraction.

Many times we lose out on the right person because we set our standards too high. It’s nothing wrong with wanting someone that is equal or more for ourselves, but it’s just not always possible that someone else is as fortunate. As long as that person respects you, loves you and love theirself; you should consider that like as if you struck gold. The most important thing to remember is LOVE conquers all.

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3 Responses to “The Professional Woman vs. The Blue Collar Man”
  1. Mrs. Ann P. Owen Says:

    So true, I passed up a great man because I set my standards too high, but you can never be too sure these days. Great article.

  2. Nikol Davis Says:

    Nowadays it’s really hard to find that special someone, I must say that it’s true that the heart of a person does matter!

  3. Vanessa Sampson Says:

    People focus too much on money or professional experiences. I admire someone who has a great career and income, but that doesn’t make the person.

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