Relationships: How to Get to The First Date

November 6, 2010 by Saint Jimmy  
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A guideline on what women see in men, and how simple mistakes made by men can make or break getting some digits.

In the world that we live in, just like for many years and centuries, men hunt women down in order to get something going. The guy is commonly looking for “one thing” while the lady looks for everything. Probably the most difficult part of relationships is the man meeting the woman. 

First things first, if a woman isn’t attracted to you, don’t bother. Attraction is some unexplainable emotion that literally decides the relationships’ future. If the woman shows interest in you, you’ll get her number, and get to the phone call, and first date. You can’t make someone feel attracted to you. Every guy and girl who has flirted with a decent amount of the opposite sex knows that if the person is not attracted to you, it can’t be done, and if it does, you wind up clinging to her or becoming her “tool,” which is buying stuff for her and doing what she wants. Which brings me to my second reason.

Women love a guy who takes charge, yet gives her enough power to make it seem that she has a power role in the relationship. After all, according to Henry Chaucer “The thing women most desire is mastery in a marriage.” In plain English, women don’t want to be the second class citizen in the relationship. They want some control on where the relationship is going. However, they don’t want too much, they don’t want to have themselves making ALL the decisions, cause then, the guy becomes a tool and too clingy, its a turn off for most women. Anyhow, make some of the minor decisions, and let each other have a say in major ones, don’t get too powerful, but don’t get too obedient. 

Women like a guy who makes her feel feminine. I don’t mean by showing her how many push-ups you can do or treating her like a celebrity, I mean by not seeming too clingy. They don’t want to look at you as a puppy that keeps running close to her feet while she tries to walk. They want to look at you as a man who doesn’t whine, cling, or give in easily to her demands. They want the guy who can make them laugh and make them feel special, all while not clinging too much.

Why do women date jerks? They ignore her and give her a hard time. What’s happening here?! Simply enough, that is the closest thing to a man she can get to. She doesn’t want the nice guy, because he’ll do what she wants, which sucks. I’m personally labelled as the “nice guy.” I hold the door for my girlfriend, I pick up stuff she dropped, I make her laugh, etc. Most girls, however, want the jock who makes her feel as feminine as possible by ignoring her. It is your classic scenario where the girl pushes the little boy into the mud because she likes him. 

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5 Responses to “Relationships: How to Get to The First Date”
  1. lillyrose Says:

    I am guessing this is targeted towards really young guys?! but I can tell you girls do like “NICE” guys. Women, don’t just go on looks alone, you have to be the whole package. We do love to be treated as if we are the best thing in the world, so no checking other women out when you are with the woman you want. We do like men to do little things that make our life better and easier. When the right woman is found don’t do stupid things that will hurt her and she will repay your thoughtfulness in ways that you can only dream about. Above all women like men that are confident which is pretty much what you were saying in this article, there is someone for everyone but it can take time to find that soul mate x
    Great article, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Guy Hogan Says:

    lillyrose knows what she’s talking about.

  3. Saint Jimmy Says:

    I know, girls do like nice guys, but most of them don’t give them a chance, because, again, they are shy around girls because they don’t know how to express their love to them. Therefore, they tend to like the jerks better, because they don’t cling to the girl that much, however, she is being ignored in the process. This article is meant for young guys, after all, not too many people are going to go out on a Saturday to find girls at the age 57, the dating audience ranges, of young people, from ages 18-30/40.

  4. Meagan Frame Says:

    I was just wondering why this was published under “Work.”

  5. Saint Jimmy Says:

    I selected category “society,” not sure if that means work for some reason, but I guess you have to “work” on relationships (zing). Never noticed that lol

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