Quirky Ways to Cope with Stress at Work

December 14, 2012 by Charel Hulon  
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Whether you work at an office, in a shop or in a bar, stress is no doubt your daily companion. You didn’t choose him yet he keeps sticking to you, pasting itself to your psyche and scratching your best emotions. Here are a few original ways to have your say.

Good morning Mr Stress, how are you doing today? Chances are that he is indeed very fine, as fine as yesterday and already fit for a brand new tomorrow… Well let’s take a closer look at this unwanted comrade.

Stress is grey. As grey as you allow it to be. So why not try to:


Didn’t you find that tropical silk scarf so handsome? Just wear it. It will sure catch your colleagues’ eye straight away and divert attention from the ever increasing workload to your fashion attitude.

Don’t be afraid. You are not trying to be as colorful as a clown, that’s definitely not the point. You are just aiming at attracting the spectrum you deserve. tiny touches are the best. And if you have to wear that same old daunting uniform, try the best matching necklace on the market. You can even make your own. Have you heard about upcycled jewellery? It is much worth a glance on youtube.

Stress has been installed in your routine. You will have to:


You may be mastering your job but perhaps the scheduled is srictly imposed and that makes you mad at the same time everyday. It might sound a little bit tricky at first but you can take control. Just imagine that each new customer at this hellish hour is a creature from a strange unknown exoplanet. Take that fraction of a second to catch his eye and to post the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at him to your psychic screen. It might be a green queenly mother pig or a handsome duck-like gentleman. At this crucial peak hour, be sure to concentrate. But the right side of your brain is panting for this mental fresh air. All you have is the blink of an eye. Use it.

In case you are dealing with papers and burning hot files rather than with people the same principle applies. Consider each of these flaring tasks to be some kind of vegetable you could have for dinner. Which taste could it have? Is it a rare mushroom, some steaming hot baked beans or something as usual and starchy as can be?

Stress is seldom handsome. Why not:


Put yourself in the shoes of a prison officer with a tiny desk at the most dreadful place on earth. How to get going without antidepressants? Think about enlivening your working space. If you have taken into consideration my first two advices, you will already be wearing something cute and brightly toned and you will have uploaded a mind-blowing picture gallery from your daily experiences as a good employee. So now is the time to share the goodies.

Make beautiful post-its out of all those lost minutes and graciously pin them next to something deadly urgent. But don’t forget to add the smile of the best emoticon on the web. Are you wondering about how sane the author of this unusual article is? Well, I’m not suggesting anything bad, I am just trying to promote the expression of your inner world. I bet that notorious stressors don’t take that time.

However, in case you wish to stay more conventional to “keep up the good image” of the company, which no doubt you cherish… Yes Sir, undoubtedly!…

You can have a little fun exhibiting some artworks which make your heart melt. Don’t just think about family photos. Purchase the rare and the beautiful and the one and only. Is it too expensive for your purse? Common, it will sure help to uplift your mood in a dangerously intense working schedule.

Last but not least…


And for this, please do be creative. I’m sure you know better than me. How about a smart reply or a homemade joke from your last kid? Or else a quote from an imaginary dude? Wow… you are beginning to relax!

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No, no… I’m not trying to market anything!

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