Three Types of Attitudes a Man Don’t Like in a Woman

August 28, 2012 by Allycia Jayne  
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Here we go again, calculating the odds. While these factors may be true, who would have known? But, if 50% of magazines write about this stuff, there is no doubt that what I write here may hit some spot.

1. Ms. Worry Wart

While a man worry about how he would handle his boss in the office, to add up to his worries isn’t a good way to start his day.

If you are a woman who worry a lot, stop feeling about it. What does the bible say about worries? You cannot add one single day if you worry. So, stop worrying about something. Sometimes, things just happen to fall in its place.

A man doesn’t want you to worry about everything. Have you ever notice that when he thinks that you are bothered by something too, he is worried about you? And if he thinks that your constant worries are not normal, you might switch your worries if he started to drift away from you.

2. Whatever/ or Whut-evurr…

Are you mad about something? You sound mad if you say that.

If you said that word in front of him, he thought that you brush him off. I usually used this word and one time he really asked me to stop using it when I get mad. He told me that, “I hate it when it comes from your mouth”.

Whatever means–leave me alone. I don’t care. Do whatever you want. And that means your pushing him away.

3. Silence is not golden when you have a fight.

I have found the biggest weapon to irritate him, and that’s silence.However, he told me–it isn’t good.

If you have issues with him, talk about it. Silence doesn’t guarantee peace. It also leave you unresolved. And man hated it when you do that to him.

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