Physican’s Formula Bronzer: Cute But Not Ideal

October 7, 2011 by laurahen  
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Here’s the latest review of a make-up product that I have bought and tried out! For today’s review I’ll be talking about the Physican Formula Bronzer.

Physicians Formula has a talc-free bronzer that comes in a ready to use container with an attached brush connecting you to their make-up. The brush is attached to a store of loose bronzer particles. When turned upside down the bronzer comes out on to the face. The Physician Formula Company is trying to reduce scrambling around for things when you could put the brush and makeup into one product! It’s a pretty charming idea but I’m not sure if it’s ideal for daily use. Just to let you know, I do find that there is some sort of smell when I use the product. It’s not a revolting smell but I find it noticeable when I first put it on. 

The actual bronzer appears to be problematic since it’s not very strong so I have to keep putting on a ton to make it noticeable. It is pretty fun using the brush but I’m always wondering if any bronzer is coming out. Since it is too big to carry around in my purse, I like to leave it at home where I can do a little touch up before I go out the door. That way I have a nice glow for days when it could use a little perk up!

Incase you were interested; I bought the bronzer at a drug store so it’s not an extremely expensive product. My overall verdict, the attached brush it a cool idea but I would rather just have a block of bronzer and my own brush. There is more control through your own brush and you are paying for the product you want.  

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