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March 17, 2011 by apocalypsereturns  
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Keeping the house clean is no easy job .. but if you follow just a few simple steps it may turn out to be a much easier and fun to do task. It just help to get your task streamlined.

Before one gets cleaning ones house a person has to think for sometime how and from where does he / she start.

I hope this guide and take that worry off your shoulders .

  1. Keep to a schedule

    It is always easier and also much less job if you follow a schedule and keep to it . So get your pen and paper ( or your Smart phones) and make a plan to keep your house clean .You will be surprised by how much time a scheduled cleaning can save than an unorganized cleaning drive .

  2. Decide on your tools –>  go on a trip of your home and find out the most trouble some spots think of the ways to clean them up and then decide on the tools that you Will use to get them cleaned and then you might also get the house clutter free . 

  3. Get some one to help you out ..

    You dont live alone in the house there are people living with you, it time to get them to help you out as work is done better when  you have company and another plus point is that you wont feel bored.

  4. Get organized .

    Do you remember the tools we decided on in the second step. Its times to give them a place in the house and it would be better if they are at your reach with easy access. If this is not done a lot of time will be wasted getting these things .

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  5. Natural is way to go.

    Cleaning the house is good for you but if it leav chemical residues then certainly its not . It is important to have a house looking clean but it should also be healthy so refrain from using synthetic cleaning products, its always good for you in the long run.

  6. Get rid of the clutter .

    Every house hold has a load of thing which are of no use, but still they take a lot of spce in the home . 

    you need to get rid of this clutter and reclaim your space. So make a list and see which of the stuff is not for you and star getting rid of them one by one . The most common articles will be old sheets of cloth or old garments ( but try not to throw away and thing valuable).

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  1. Ruby Hawk Says:

    House work isn’t easy but someone has to do it, and here I’m the one. You have good suggestions.

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