Karen Agustiawan, No.1 Asian Bussiness Women

March 5, 2012 by Eunike  
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President Director of PT Pertamina, Karen Agustiawan, tops list of the 50 most powerful business women in Asia.

Director of PT Pertamina, Karen Agustiawan, tops the list of 50 most powerful business women according to business magazine Forbes. It is quite surprising as there are so many women who lead large business in Asia, like Ho Ching from Singapore, Pansy Ho from Hong Kong/ Macao or Gina Rinehart from Australia, the wealthiest woman in Asia Pacific.

But we cannot doubt the toughness of Karen as a business leader. She dares to lead males at her organization, she always gives straightforward answers to reporters, dare to face Indonesian legislative members who doubt her capacity at the beginning, and moreover she has courage to handle the so many problems of the company. As an oil company, it is clear that Pertamina is male dominated. Karen is the first woman to lead this government company. She was inducted in 2009. She is expected to resolve the problem of oil and gas distribution that is considered to be highly problematic. Prior to becoming Main Director, Karen was the upstream director of this largest state-owned enterprises in Indonesia. Indonesian public expect her to make a high impact and serve the country quickly.

Karen was born on 19 October 1958. She studied physical engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Karen ever worked at Mobil Oil in Dallas, Texas. Forbes said the list of most powerful women in Asia was based on the businesswoman’s role in the management of printing companies profit. A total of 21 women from the list dominated by women entrepreneurs from China, Taiwan and Macao. Eight are from India and five from Singapore. The rest comes from South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

When she was asked whether her male colleagues discriminate her, Karen said she has been too immersed in her job, so she did not have time to care about what other people say about her. Karen challenges male domination of oil and gas industry. She always thinks it is very important for women to have a job because financially independence is important for women. As a top executive, Karen’s schedule is always tight. Karen manages her limited down time efficiently. She can sleep both in the car and on the airplanes between meetings.

Congratulation to Karen Agustiawan.

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  1. mazfendys Says:

    Wow, Women are very strong

  2. FX777222999 Says:

    Really women are doing great in all facets of the world’s leadership.

  3. Starpisces Says:

    wow, this Karen is so successful. :) Thanks for sharing this information. ;)

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    congrats for her

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  10. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Karen sounds like a real go getter. Women today can make a career for themselves.

  11. LCM Linda Says:

    This successful story is very inspiring. I like her attitude in handling the male discrimination.

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    impressive and inspiring read

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    Great info here, Eunice. Dedication must have been the key to her success.

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    A real model for young girls.

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    Mucho Respecto to Karen.

    I like intelligent women and wish her continued success.

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    It is rare that people talk about successful women in business. Thanks for sharing this

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    She has done very well and I congratulate her on her amazing accomplishments…

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    We can do accomplish great things. Women can hold positions as well as men. What a great share!

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