Women Who Behave Badly

November 7, 2009 by cutedrishti8  
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Intrinsic to sisterhood is self-love, self-esteem.

Sisterhood! It’s such an overloaded word for women. No two of us define it moderately the same way. There has always been a particular oratory regarding women as sisters, but for some of us, the truth doesn’t always measure up. Our combined struggles against class and gender barriers are ties that hypothetically bind; the word sister itself has become synonymous with woman. However women from every socioeconomic grouping still state that the hunt for true sisterhood is at times clouded with confusion, if not straight-up pain. Sometimes, women’s relations with one another have often been loaded with tension. Fact is that, sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Sociologists draw attention that each of our lives leaves an impression on our collective sisterhood; how we take care of one another has a ripple effect that extends far beyond the women directly affected. Perhaps you don’t have a tattoo of boxing gloves, but ask yourself: Have you ever looked intently another woman up and down? Have you ever make fun or laughed on another woman behind her back? Spilled her confidential things? Have you ever flirted with another woman’s husband? Have you ever had an unspoken thought, even for a split second, wishing failure on another woman at the job? Be honest!

The truth is, to varying degrees, most of us are responsible of being less than sisterly at some point in our lives.

As women we must have the same opinion that our struggle to love ourselves is at the bottom line of our issues with one another. At the core of being able to be a sister, of being someone who can be relied upon for unconditional love and support, is being able to love yourself. What I have realized thru different relationships with women from all walks of life is that “Intrinsic to sisterhood is self-love, self-esteem, and understanding and believe who you are.”

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31 Responses to “Women Who Behave Badly”
  1. johnnydod Says:

    Well as a man I think your ALL lovely

  2. Themax Says:

    ha ha very nice animated pic :)

  3. LoveDoctor Says:

    Great article and points you touch on regarding women and issues of self-love and self-esteem. never been guilty of making fun of other women nor looking at anyone up and down in a snooty way. However, in the city where I live in, most women do this all the time. I have just learned to ignore it. there are other more important things in life to worry about.

  4. QuinMonty86 Says:

    Sad truths spoken here. What makes us so competitive? Is it the search for a mate,so engrained in our DNA? I don’t have the answers, that’s for sure.
    Sure makes you think.

  5. Jane Benitez Says:

    I am sure I have felt jealousy inside toward other women in my lifetime but never to the point where I felt inadequate as a woman. Great topic and very well done article.

  6. Geomorphosis Says:

    Very nice and some very sad truths here.

  7. Jenny Heart Says:

    Great points you make here. Very thought provoking!

  8. Frances Lawrence Says:

    Interesting points, but I am a person first, I don’t see it as them and us. I try to treat all people the way I would like people to treat me.

  9. Teves Says:

    Very interesting…

  10. Snooky Says:

    Wow tough stuff Whew!

  11. AlmaG Says:

    Wonderful article!

  12. Ruby Hawk Says:

    We should treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. I see what you are speaking at times and I let it be known just what I think of it.

  13. Goodselfme Says:

    Well presented with truth.TX

  14. RS Wing Says:

    Well…. I’m a man and we have our issues as well. I get your point though. Nicely written and introspective. Revealing!

  15. Starpisces Says:

    Interesting topic, good share.

  16. Shirley Shuler Says:

    I agree with, Ruby Hawk. We should treat others as we wish to be treated.

  17. chitragopi Says:

    Many women in my place specialise in making fun of other women and talking badly about some behind the backs. They should read this.

  18. OnlineAnalyst Says:

    I totally agree with your write-up, as experience has it women are a woman’s biggest enemy as they say.A very interesting article and eye-opener for women.

  19. svishnugopal Says:

    you have just revealed the truth…very nice, and where do you get such pics gajender?

  20. Guy Hogan Says:

    Sisterhood sounds a lot like brotherhood.

  21. Hansika Says:

    made me laugh mann….great article

  22. Faith Hodge Says:

    Excellent. Very inspiring!!

  23. Priyanka Bhowmick Says:

    itz always wrong to respect a woman blindly thinking that she’s always true.. thanx for bringing out dat guts to write about such an uncommon and diffrent topic..i appreciate dat.

  24. Jane Jane Says:

    nice post. some great thoughts.

  25. fordtristan Says:


  26. mxpower Says:

    very good article greatly enjoyable to read.

  27. Borneon Says:

    We human will never stop learning, man and women, both are always try to improve ourselves, after all we are only humans.

  28. Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr. Says:

    nice article!

  29. diamondpoet Says:

    A woman should always respect herself, otherwise no one will.

  30. Grace Kathryn Says:

    I try always to judge a man or woman by the content of their character.

  31. CutestPrincess Says:

    an excellent piece and you have expressed some good points.

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