Where We Can Get More Oil?

November 5, 2009 by nani varron  
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Oil and natural gas were believe to be formed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Oil and natural gas were believe to be formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Tiny organisms that lives in the bottom of the shallow oceans were covered with sediments as they died, later sedimentary rocks were formed. They were changed into a natural gas and oil under the heat and pressure over the period of time.

Sedimentary Rock Formation

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An oil shale could also be a source of an energy oil. Oil shale is a sedimentary rock that contains an organic matter that is called kerogen. Kerogen contains energy oil but it cannot be pumped out instead the shale should be heated and the oil inside is removed.

Natural Burning of Oil Shale

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The process of extracting oil from the shale is very expensive, it also requires a lot of water which is scarce in several countries that have a lot of oil shale deposits. Oil-shale mining also produces used shale that litter nearby the mining areas.

Oil can also be deposited in a tar of sand. These are in the form of clay and sand with water and heavy oil-black sticky tar. The deposits are stripped-mined which separates heavy oil from the sand. The heavy oil is then process and will become a crude oil.

Crude Oil

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These processes is expensive and difficult considering that the sand quickly wears out the machines used in processing, it requires a lot of water, steam, and electricity, and it requires a lot of energy.

Oil is one of the good source of energy. The middle east countries were known to have a huge reserve of oil -energy.

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