The World’s Largest Breasts

July 4, 2011 by Jimmy Shilaho  
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She has the world’s largest boobs but doesn’t give a damn. She has been married before for thirteen full years, has two children and wears an incredible cup size, something like 102ZZZ! Meet Norma Stitz, the woman with the world’s largest natural breasts.

Norma Stitz hails from Atlanta in Georgia

I know some women who feel bad about their breasts but they wouldn’t envy Annie Hawkins-Turner, better known as Norma Stitz, who has the largest natural breasts. The 52 year old American woman hails from Atlanta in Georgia and wears an incredible bra size, something like 102ZZZ, just when you thought 36D was a little on the heavier side!

She has starred in adult movies

One amazing thing is that Norma, or should I call her Annie, has accepted her fate and hasn’t tried breast reduction despite the teases she gets whenever she leaves her house and in fact has used her fun bags positively by starring in adult movies and earning from her fate.

Each breast weighs an incredible 56 pounds

Each of her breasts is said to weigh an incredible 56 pounds, heavier than some anorexic models, and this made the Guinness book of records to certify her in 1999 as the woman with the largest boobs in history. In 2003 she was rewarded for her contribution to the adult movie industry when she scooped the Adult Video Nudes Award for starring in The Amazing Norma Stitz, the source of her pseudonym.

She was married for 13 years

Norma Stitz, an African American weighs 160 kilograms and was married to her late husband Alan Turner, an Air Force serviceman for 13 years and together they had 2 children. Alan died in 2006. She runs an adults only website, which gets close to 1000 visitors every day. Not bad, is it?  

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13 Responses to “The World’s Largest Breasts”
  1. Aiyanna Says:

    Well Happens with incorrect diet eating too much of fat… In fact most of a womans fat deposit goes to the breasts, hips and bottoms and not to mention the stomach when they eat fatty foods, binge drink and what not…
    With regard to the above, well there is certainly a problem with the hormones and she need medical help although she looks comfortable with her size, it will cause her to have poor body posture, thereby bringing her frontals closer to the ground….
    Well on the positive side, look at it this way the poor bloke sharing the bed with her will not need a pillow, can bury his head in her breasts and say I got my warm comfort with a beating heart…. The only problem is on the reverse, she will smother the bloke totally with her size…
    Tell her to surgically decrease the jackfruits, she needs it or she will end up with back problems….
    All said and done, you have quite a description out there, they really went bare all to get the size and weight of each of them…

    Good luck J, have fun!!!! Don’t get too beat up about it, starve her for a weeks or two, the balloons will burst….

  2. isloooboy Says:

    What the hell she is doing to grow such a huge one

  3. Jewelstar Says:

    ok here you go…….watch this. Woman Smashing beer cans, sticks, watermelon with her boobs.

    Norma Stitz too could join the game.

  4. Redfiery Says:

    what should i say now after her it is her property ….gr8 write

  5. Minister Marlene Says:

    She must donate them to science to find the cause. I am almost speechless.

  6. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    That must be uncomfortable.

  7. Michal Dorcak Says:

    I’m with Sharifa on this one. That must really be uncomfortable. I cannot even imagine that back pain … Anyway, I too somehow cannot imagine who would find such enormous breasts attractive.

  8. The Soul Explorer Says:


  9. lene21 Says:

    Bloody hell LOL. They’re massive. That poor woman must suffer from terrible back pain. I’m not surprised she’s earning a living from her breasts, she probably has to work every hour of the day for a whole year, just to pay for one bra! pmsl :-) Thanks for sharing.

  10. LoveDoctor Says:

    Damn! She must suffer from terrible back pain. The titles of your articles are very catchy.

  11. DAN MCHARDY Says:

    Damn girl those are some BIG breasts! But all jokes aside I think it’s wrong to want boobs that big, but if they’re natural that’s fair enough…

  12. Buma Says:

    she should really go for breast reduction. I don’t think that it is healthy to have pounds of breasts working down on her.

  13. wonder Says:

    What luggage to carry!

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