The Beliefs of a Separatist Feminist

August 9, 2007 by simrn  
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Economically and psychologically, the interests of males are best protected by the coercion of females. It is pure optimism to see men in your mind’s eye as a group intensifying their interests with the intention of being altruistic to women. A separatist feminist chooses to go up against men more willingly than to reform them, out of a belief that men would not make over until they realize that they have to.

Separatist feminism is a type of feminism that doesn’t props up heterosexual interactions because of a faith in sexual differences between male and female. Moreover, a separatist feminist believes that these differences are un-resolvable.

Separatist feminists generally do not feel that men can make positive contributions to the feminist movement and that even well-intentioned men like to have an authority over women by being the head of the family.

As a substitute, separatist feminist gives attention to other women around, and dedicates all the energies and commitments to the women community only. And of course, all of this takes place remote from the patriarchal perspective. This characteristically takes in to account the following perspectives:

  • Working with other ladies on the road to political or social aspirations.
  • Preferring the lifestyles and family setups that are feminine only.
  • Staying away from men as much as possible.
  • Keeping away from working with men.

The feminist separatists are women of honor. They are inclined to acknowledge the social sanction that proceeds with discarding attachment to men and any other sort of male privilege– partial employment prospects, and social seclusion. They are, all the same, women who are dedicated to eliminating all kinds of repression by means of political work of different forms and through assessments of personal communications and interactions.

What’s considerable to bear in mind in discussions of separatism is the drastic, ground-breaking potential of lesbianism–that is to say, the potential for love and harmony between women to challenge male dominance–even though the potential is not executed by lots of lesbians.

The lesbian separatism is another form of separatist feminism. But a lesbian feminist may differ from a separatist feminist in numerous ways. We call a woman lesbian when she doesn’t go voluntarily for having sexual interactions with men; in that case, a lesbian separatist is a woman who has social interactions with men but only when necessary.

These conditions show a discrepancy based upon the individual circumstances. These women may have interactions with fathers and brothers that they are not ready to sever, despite the fact that these may develop less close in the end. Numerous of them must have employments to sustain themselves, in so doing, coming into contact with men as supervisors, colleagues, clients or customers. They may have male proprietors, if they are in schools; they possibly have male professors and are in classrooms with boys as well.

Separatist feminism is definitely not for every woman; neither is lesbian separatism. Despite the fact that early writings on the separatist feminism emphasized the opposite over and over again, I know a lot of heterosexual feminists who put a great effort in their attachments with men to generate feminist relationships.

To reflect otherwise is to make known that you believe the factual work, the best associations, the true heart of life is where the males are – and what type of feminist are you if that is what you feel?

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9 Responses to “The Beliefs of a Separatist Feminist”
  1. Holly Says:

    does anyone know if there are any feminist separatist communities to live in located in the United States?

  2. Ala Says:

    Wonderful article, thank you. I wish there was more solidarity among separatists.

  3. kas Says:

    It\’s so sad to see this.To go through life with such hate and anger and think it is positive in any way.
    Just so very sad as anyone who believes and follows this damaging philosophy stated above is so clueless.

  4. Lee Says:

    Separatist feminism. It is NOT about hatred or anger. It is about love and respect for women by women. It is also about recognizing the far reaching, (often draining) effects of interaction with men, and choosing not to engage in it.

  5. DaveinOntario Says:

    Lee said “Separatist feminism. It is NOT about hatred or anger” and that is very true. To know who you are requires the freedom to construct through experience and experiment a philosophy and practice of a way of being. Women have not had that freedom. What does it mean to build a community and a life based on women’s innate style and way of communicating, bonding and consensus building? Our race does not know because that freedom was never available. Our race desperately needs new ideas of how to live together on this planet and we need women to discover this so that everyone, including men can learn from it. Women must demand and create this freedom; it cannot be “given” to them since anything given can be taken away and freedom must never again be something that can be taken away. As a male, I wish the feminist all the best as they set out on a journey that I cannot and should not join. Nor do they need my assistance, they are quite capable. Only through their efforts can there eventually be a truly equal world for all our children

  6. Bob Says:

    Sounds to me like daddy touched you in the no-no spots.

  7. Chien Says:

    Bob, I do not know whether daddy touched whoever’s parts. But what I do know, is that you are an arrogant, insensitive prat to those who have experienced sexual abuse as children. I have no links with the author or website, and I am merely just web-surfing, in case you are about to spit some non-constructive comment again.


  8. Rose Says:

    I live in England, between two cities.

    In one there have been a number of young women raped and murdered by male taxi drivers recently – women are told ‘do not get a taxi, walk home’.
    In the other a serious spate of violent street attacks, including sexual abuse, all from male to female. Women -’don’t walk home, get a cab’.

    Women are told to not walk alone, either stay on their male partners leash, or stay home. Why are we imprisoned for mens crimes against us?

    My dream is a feminist separaist city state/island. I want to feel safe and respected. I want my human rights. I don’t want my life to be one long fight against mens hatred for women.

    Some guys are decent, but they just don’t make up for the actions of the others. Even the nice ones have unconcious expectations/demands. I don’t want their behaviour to be my problem any more.

    Please, insanely wealthy feminist! (out there somewhere?)
    Get the ball rolling! I can’t see a happiness without separatism.


  9. Tyler Says:

    Some lesbians might just have romantic sexual relationships because, they feel good, or because they are deeply in love. Because thats the way they are. Not all or even most lesbians are signed on for a delusional war against all men. Your sexual orientation is not a choice, and you don’t get to use people as foot soldiers in your creepy little war based solely on who they are born,

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