Skinniest Models of Our Time

November 20, 2008 by Ashley Hengy  
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As a former teen runway model I feel grateful I never made it big. I can not imagine having to force myself to sustain an image such as this.

Meet Ali Michaels, the “fat” model. Through the start of her career Ali was frowned upon because her thighs looked “plump” in some pictures. She was not allowed to partisipate in a Paris Runway Show after gaining 5 pounds. What is even more shocking is the model kneeling down right behind her. Yikes!

This model was once described as so emaciated looking that if she were in a third world country someone might offer her some food. She was in Guy Laroche’s 2006 Paris showing. She looks almost dead, I kinda want to hug her but she might just break in my embrace.

It is not only French models that have been dubbed too skinny. Take a good look at this Australian runway model. It makes you wonder if her hair is outragous looking just to take your eyes off of her bones?

I tried my best not to cringe when I saw this French model. I don’t have anything against skinny…but skeletal is a bit much.

Apparently German photographer Ivonne Thein thought her model was going to get cold with no fat on her so she wrapped her up nice and tight.

So even though one of the models above was noted to be emaciated looking…she looks quite healthy compared to this woman. Its so sad that even her shadow looks a bit too thin to be on the runway.

Whatever happened to the fact that real women have curves? Even though America has shows like America’s Next Top Model I am glad that someone like Tyra is hosting them. Tyra is a real model and is proud that she is not skin and bones. We need to remember people thin is no longer in. Of course all of these are my personal opinions I believe that some of the prettiest models in the USA are size 4 and up.

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20 Responses to “Skinniest Models of Our Time”
  1. J M Fanson Says:

    Ugh, that is so true. I feel so bad for those women. They look so sad. :(

  2. Jasin Says:

    Omg, they were way to skinny.

  3. wanna b fat Says:

    i dont get how that could be considered beautiful!
    I feel very sad for those desperate girls.. something is wrong with the people around them.

  4. christina Says:

    Like wow aren’t we supposed to be looking up to these women? Not only is that hideous, but its a real health problem. They should take a trip to mcdonalds (

  5. Lisa Says:

    That is absolutely disgusting, and disturbing that some people …designers, models think that is beautiful.

  6. no Says:


  7. Simona Says:

    I think that a health and money is diffirent think. I bless those girls, because them are thinking just about the money… Them need more to think about to them health… I am sninny as well. I am 15 years old- 47lb, but I am health !!! I am eating normal food…

  8. Diane Says:

    I want to be skinny so bad, thinking about starving off the fat. Whatever works!

  9. leslie barbell Says:

    wow guys want skinny girls but they don’t want the kind that they’re afraid too hug cause they think they might break them in half. gain some weight. you’ll still look fine.

  10. cahli Says:

    This is disgusting. Im a 14 year old girl and yes, i always complain about my body weight. But when i see these pictures, it makes me want to stay the weight i am. Im not fat, but im not skinny. Im just right.

  11. SKW Says:

    I know this is a late comment, but I feel you are misinformed. Most of those photos are well-known Photoshop-altered images, especially the last one. Notice how much larger the woman in the background is than her: uniform body types are usually what designers look for in their shows, why would one hire a normal-sized girl and that?

  12. Sara Says:

    Are the pics altered? Because if they’re real, how are those things still alive? They’re gross, like mutants! Where are their families? Are they not telling them how horrible they look? Most of the designers are gross gays themselves, theylike weird, so they won’t tell them. Ew somebody take those skeletons to Mc Donald’s

  13. lola Says:

    wow:::i know im skinny::but not that skinny:::ewwwww

  14. Heather Says:

    Some of these are actually photoshopped.
    Two, Three, Four, and the last one are all photoshopped. I’ve seen the originals. I think twoonly had the ribs photoshopped in though. I think the rest is legit.

  15. brenda Says:

    they are so skinny that they don’t even look pretty any more

  16. kimboslice Says:

    ea ta freakin sandwitch

  17. slyer Says:

    that is so grosss i am fat but i dont care at all to look like any of those ugglly skeletons they should go eat a burger or something.

  18. Ana Says:

    Some of the pictures are photoshoped,but still these types of girls do exist!And its not healthy at all!I mean just google Isabelle Caro and you wil know what I mean! Just schoking!Btw Isabella is dead becouse of anorexia…

  19. Megan Morgan Says:

    That must be terrible I bet you it could be harmful by just touching her! I would hate to be her!!! :(

  20. sarah khanji Says:

    ew ew………………. that is groce i mean i want to be skinny too, but not like that they arenot pretty at all i convince them to gain weight they look like skeletons they have a huge health problems ,i bet if i touched them the will break apart they must go to eat double beef burger daily.

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