Scare of Womanhood – Breast Ironing

September 23, 2011 by Sunjhini  
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Scare called womanhood – Breast Ironing.

25th September is marked as daughter’s day in India. Yet another year filled with dates and days but nothing different. I wrote a similar post last year too –

I used to write about dowry, girl education and female infanticide in school. And today, a decade after, I am still writing about the same issues in addition to this new found barbarism. As if the already existing norms and atrocities on women weren’t enough, there’s one more ghastly practice prevalent in some regions- Breast ironing or “Repassage des seins”. This practice is mostly prevalent in Cameroon, where mothers try to hinder the growth of their pubescent daughters’ breasts by ironing or massaging them with hot objects, straight out of fire, like knife, grinding stones, rod, coconut shells etc. This technique to delay sexual development is a tradition in Cameroon which is rarely discussed in public.

This is a case where the motive is the welfare of the girl child but is done by mutilating them

Mothers find nothing wrong in this barbaric act. They see this as a medium for their daughters to look less desirable and an escape from the ordeal of early pregnancy that they had suffered.

The depressing state of women is ashamedly common through all centuries. Women emancipation is nothing but a farce.

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15 Responses to “Scare of Womanhood – Breast Ironing”
  1. juny423 Says:

    This is sickening…not only barbaric but mentally disturbed people :x

  2. isloooboy Says:

    I never heard this before but I feel it is against the natural law which must follow

  3. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    Horrible thing to do to a child.

  4. Elle64 Says:


  5. CHIPMUNK Says:


  6. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    Dreadful.I didn’t know it’s grim act.

  7. Michal Dorcak Says:

    This is bad/cruel/barbaric … I cannot understand how someone can do this to her/his own daughter. Though, cannot blame those mothers solely since if I understood it right, men in those areas cannot control their sexual desires well enough too … But still, it seems like way too drastic of a solution …

  8. Martin Kloess Says:


  9. Martin Kloess Says:

    UnbelievableTY for bring this forward.

  10. papaleng Says:

    this tradition is now being condemn by the International community.

  11. webseowriters Says:

    Thanks 4 sharing buddy

  12. Uzoma Says:

    Wonders shall never cease to happen.

  13. dwisuka Says:

    Breast Ironing? It’s terrible. It can be called domestic violence.

  14. ittech Says:


  15. Stlpkr Says:

    I have never understood why a great portiion of the male of the species holds women in such a low social worth aside from the satisfaction of their animal needs and the building of their legacy. God has created nothing that was unworthy. I, personally, could not picture a world without the beautiful and dignified presence of the female of the species.

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