Saudi Arabia bans female cashiers

November 1, 2010 by Bhumika Ghimire  
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Committee of Saudi scholars endorses ban on female cashiers.

I must say, reality is crazier than fiction and Saudi Arabia is the best place to see that happening.

This headline from Arab News caught my attention, “Saudi scholars endorse ban on female cashiers”. Reason for the ban? If women are allowed to work as cashiers, they may encounter strange men-mixing of sexes is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

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Ok. So women cannot mix with strange men. They why don’t you just create a big jail and put all the women there. Allow them to meet only the men they are related too, and keep them locked at other times. That will keep women from indecent mixing and keep them pure.

If you cannot do that then stop with all this nonsense about “mixing of the sexes”. How will a single woman survive without entering the work force, and if she is working it is not possible to keep her from encountering strange men-that is possible of she is the prison guard at the women’s prison I suggested earlier.

Saudi morality laws are just a sham, a fake to keep women as restricted and as weak as possible. The men there are so afraid that they keep women vitrually in prisions, because they cannot face the fact that there is nothing a woman can’t do.

Shame on these lame scholars! shame on the sham law that prevents women from being free and choosing their profession.

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  1. Netty net Says:

    Sound like not a country I would live in.

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