Men Give Pigs a Bad Name

November 30, 2009 by vasquez2122  
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Men are pigs. We’ve all heard that one before. Pigs have never hurt anyone. They give us food and in some cases companionship. And they never lie, cheat and down right betray.

     All you ladies out there who have ever been hurt by a man, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  These men who say that they’ll love you forever then sniff out the nearest skank to go and have that affair with, they don’t deserve to be called pigs because they’re worse.  Or how about the ones who say all kinds of things just to get in your pants and then when they do, don’t answer your calls and ignore your text messages?  What’s up with that?

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     This is something that goes on all over the place and women keep taking it and taking it and taking it.  Well, why is it that when a woman takes that crap from a man, she’s crazy for staying or going back for more?  No one ever says that the guy is an A-hole and deserves to be buried alive for behaving so badly.  It’s always the woman’s fault.  “Men are pigs” is the built in excuse.  Well I say, screw that!  Men would be absolutely NOTHING without women.


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   They know it and we know it, don’t we ladies?  The song by Beyonce “If I Were a Boy” says that if she were a boy, she would create all the havoc in a woman’s heart possible, which is what so many men do.  Why if only she were a boy?  Stand up now and give them a taste of their own bananas.  Drive them insane, promise them a trip to the promise land, give it to them and keep it just within their grasp and when they think that it can’t get any better, don’t answer their calls, ignore their texts and just plain not care.

      I don’ t know about you, but I plan to flip the switch on these bastards that wanna call themselves men.  And for all of you who think that I’m just some bitter woman who’s been hurt before, you’re damn right I am!  And look out because “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.  Never has there been a quote more true than this one.  Piss a woman off and see where it gets you fellas

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