Learning to Throw Away Your Mirrors

October 5, 2009 by jaysland  
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How to quit obsessing over your weight.

Most women struggle with how society says they should look.  Self worth is low among many women because they see what society says they should look like and do not find that match in the mirror.  Men can fuel this by degrading women who do not look like the touched up magazines that they see.  Do we really believe real people look like these pictures?  A positive self image can sometimes mean getting rid of those mirrors that say you are worthless.  You will never be what you think you should look like.  It is a very demanding and crushing game that women play with their emotions and dieting.  You are what you are on the inside. 

If someone can not love you for that then it is their loss.  You do the best you can and learn to live with how God made you.  Living a healthy life with exercise and good eating habits is the part that woman can do.  You can not always change the form you were given.  Learn to love yourself the way you are.  Go look in a  mirror and tell yourself the things you see that you like.  And we all have something that we have that is good.  Do not let your emotions take over here.  Constantly remind yourself that God made you and you are worthy of love and respect and honor. 

Just the fact that you exist is fact that you are loved.  God loves us just the way we are, warts and all.  Maybe God made most of us a little chubby, not just the right chin or breast, or thighs to prove to us that we are loved and important.  Why would God allow so many of us to not be perfect?  So that we could feel bad about ourselves?  I doubt it.  Learn to love yourself first.  You cannot love others as you should if you cannot love yourself first.  When I see someone I can usually find something lovely about them.  And you should too, starting with yourself.  Forget what your negative self image is telling you.  Do not wait for someone else to reaffirm this for you.  Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.  You are beautiful.  Just because you are who you are!  

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2 Responses to “Learning to Throw Away Your Mirrors”
  1. lillyrose Says:

    MMmmm… how would I do my hair with no mirrors?

  2. jaysland Says:

    You do have a point!~ I take it back, keep your mirrors!

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