Is Castration an Effective Deterrent Against Rapists?

June 26, 2011 by kannapiran  
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Recently one of the Judges in Indian Court put forth an idea of bringing in discussions around the concept of introducing Castration of Men as one of the punishments of rape convicts. In this article let us try to understand the cause for such a mishappening and show to ourselves the roots of the cause.

The Oxford Dictionary goes on to say Rape as “…the crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will…”. In our practical and daily life, the word is considered in different senses by the respective community of people. It is being taken as a tool in most cases to humiliate the victim (during anger) or to show control and strength (depose authority). The same deed when given a sexual face becomes more of a personal fulfillment as in the case of the sadistic face of the same. The common denomination in all is the individual (masculine) dominance over the group that is submissive (feminine) in a grand scale. All this and the biological counterpoint of the rape having a evolutionary advantage for reproductive success do not fit in the present day world where both the genders have come up on the forefront of the society in equal measures.

The present status of women in the society has enabled the groups, called as feminists, to impose a theory of rape in all forms of sexism. The primary objective of the present day world has to be in enabling us to progress into a world of laws where men and women are considered equals. The political predicaments of the parties concerned, irrespective of their shade wanted to depict this society with a sense of inequality, in all possible circumstances. The fact remains that any given society has to have its own inequalities, the biological pyramid makes necessary that the same happens. The present day world is a mixture of various such pyramids from political, social, economic to individual characteristics.

The problems in between us thus depict the contribution of the events occurring in the complex web of events influenced by all these factors. In earlier days there could have been a specific reason attributed to a problem but in present world one cannot relieve himself of this web of events he is pulled into. The person has to start moving with the tides and strings that push and pull him, irrespective of his capabilities. The societal problems has to be addressed in a holistic approach rather than punishing individuals. The rule of law is well framed to accept all these constituent factors and imposes the punishments with a sense of thought on society. The implementation of the very law is in dismal state and that is what has to be addressed to evidence an improvement in the quality of living. This particular topic is of societal repercussion on itself. Rape is more of a social evil than an individual’s sin.

In the Second Part of the Series let us look at the Impact of such events on the victims, predominantly being women and the effects of laws and their implementation. Is there a need for such a archaic addition to the law and if at all the prevailing punishments are effective.

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