A Review of Customer Service From Walgreens Photo

November 5, 2010 by T M Testerman  
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A review of customer service from Walgreens Photo.

I’m a mom. That short sentence holds so manyaccepted additional statements, one of which is that I’m crazy for photos of my babies being their usual adorable selves. With that in mind, let me share with you a recent experience I had dealing with ordering prints from Walgreens.com.

I had some updated snapshots that I wanted to get printed in order to give to the grandparents and frame for my work desk, so I went searching for the best prices (as most people in the current economic crisis would). Walgreen’s was slightly more expensive than WalMart.com, but I’ve used them before and had a coupon code for free shipping so that’s how I ultimately decided on using the one over the other.

I emotionally separated out which photos I wanted, how many of each and what sizes, etc. They offer four wallets to a sheet opposed to Wal Mart’s two per sheet, which explained the nearly double cost, but I wanted 4 anyway so it wasn’t much of a stretch. I then used their online feature to crop and zoom in so that my kid’s faces were beautifully displayed as well as centered (something I couldn’t do when I was taking the picture!!). I checked, double checked, triple checked to make sure that they looked exactly how I wanted and placed my order. I then impatiently waited for them to be delivered through the post.

When I saw the envelope in the mailbox I was beside myself excited, it doesn’t take much these days! I took out the photos and found, to my utter disappointment, that some of each of their heads was cut off, having been blown up too much for the photo. I was torn between framing them anyway because I REALLY wanted these new photos, or sending them back with a hateful note on how they ruined my day.

Once I calmed down I got online and logged into my Walgreens.com account to make sure that I hadn’t inadvertently zoomed in the photos too much myself. I hadn’t. So I used their comments section to write and let them know what had happened and ask if there was some way to get duplicates sent that weren’t cropped at all (at least their hears would be intact!). I wasn’t hateful or demanding, just questioning and hopeful that there was a solution.

This next part is what shocked me so much I had to write a review. I would NEVER have expected such a reaction!

The next day I checked my e-mail and not only was there a response from a person’s e-mail address, with their name and title and full phone number – including direct extension. What this customer service agent wrote was priceless to me. Not only had the company already refunded the amount that I’d spent to my account, but they’d credited my Walgreens.com account with 10 free photo prints (I’d only ordered 8, including the sheets of wallets) that would be available as long as my account was open with their store. They offered an Apology and stated that they have a standing guarantee on their photos prints ad photo gifts. I was floored.

I’m a Walgreens.com customer for life now. I’ll gladly pay a few cents more for this kind of customer satisfaction and response.

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