10 Things to Make Women Orgasm Fails

November 17, 2012 by baraccuda  
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10 Things to Make Women Orgasm Fails.

Have an orgasm during sex is not easy for women. According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, recorded only 17% of women experience orgasm during intercourse. Some women can not even orgasm every time sex. Why are women difficult to get orgasms. There are various factors that cause it to happen. Here are 10 things are:

1. Worrying Orgasm

Often women worry about when or if they can achieve orgasm. As quoted by Cosmopolitan, the stress because it will only make it difficult woman could not even get an orgasm. Guess when sex climax comes, will only make you uncomfortable and could not enjoy the sex itself.

2. Attitude Couple

Women can not relax completely during sex can be caused by the attitude of her partner. Intimate Medicine writes, unusual sexual relationships, sexual violence from a partner, spouse dissatisfaction with women’s behavior or feel neglected are several factors that come from the partner, which caused her difficulty reaching orgasm.

3. Trauma

Some women may have experienced adverse events that frightened or feel uncomfortable during sex. For example, the trauma felt pain in the sex organs when you first had sex. The experience scared her to experience the same pain resulting in difficult woman orgasm.

4. Self Aware

Making love means that you try different positions and possible noises that may not normally be heard. As quoted from WebMD, if you include people who are too self-conscious, kenaturalan happens during sex that can be a barrier to reach orgasm. Too self-conscious to make you become nervous and thinking weird things that happen during sex it.

5. Can not Rileks

Having tired of working all day either at home or at work, your body muscles can be tense. This tension can also be caused by stress and sitting all day in the office. Tense muscles also makes the body feel relaxed. And relax is one of the keys to achieving orgasm.

6. Sound

Crying child, the television and mobile phone. According Woman24, the three sound can thwart the female orgasm actually going to happen. The sound of crying children will make the women into a panic and immediately lost his passion. Likewise, the television and mobile phones. Mood women while making love can be lost as soon as the sound of the two it sounds.

7. Mouth and Body Odor

Cleanliness is important during sex. Bad breath and body odor less will easily eliminate your sex desire. Invite a husband to wash up before sex. Do not forget also to maintain health, especially around the mouth to prevent health disorders such as above.

8. Premature Ejaculation

Women can lose the mood for sex, when her partner finished first. Especially if it turns out the man’s actions can not last long. The desire to orgasm will be lost due to see their partner seems to have not excited anymore.

9. Changing Positions

This is often the cause of damage to efforts to orgasm. When you feel you’ve wanted to ‘reach’ of a sudden, the couple tried changing sex positions. Whereas previous position into a position that could make you orgasm. If this happens, you should act. Help it to continue penetration or with saying that you almost ‘to destination’.

10. Want urinating

Feeling the urge to urinate can also cause women fail to get orgasms. The desire that cause distress in women when her partner to penetrate. Therefore, you should make sure it is thoroughly urinate before having sex with a partner.

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