How to Avoid Snacking

July 30, 2012 by KCasey  
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One of the best diet tips anyone can give you is to avoid snacking wherever possible. Snacking in-between meals is the easiest way to add extra calories to your daily and weekly calorie intake and can soon see your weight creeping up without you fully realising why.

What’s more, snacking usually means picking easy-to-eat and convenient foods which aren’t always the healthiest of choices; for example, chocolate bars, sweets and crisps from the vending machine or service station. If you haven’t planned ahead and get those hunger pangs, there is often little choice of healthy foods to eat on the go.

Avoid snacking by making sure you eat three nutritious and filling meals every day. Breakfast is vital for getting your metabolism going and kick-starting your energy levels in the morning, so make sure you take the time to eat it. Even if you simply toast a couple of slices of soft white bread and enjoy with marmite or peanut butter, it is better than missing breakfast and resorting to sugary and fatty snacks later in the day.

If you are into ethical eating you can also incorporate this into your daily diet by using produce from British farmers, such as home-grown vegetables, dairy products and meat. Plan ahead so that you have tasty and nutritious lunches to enjoy at work rather than having to resort to convenience meals which can contain additives such as salt and preservatives.

Cooking from scratch for your main meals is ideal if you can find the time, as you can control exactly what goes into your food. To cut down on fat and calories, grill or steam rather than fry and use a low calorie cooking spray in place of oil if you do have to fry anything.

If you do feel the need to snack, opt for healthy choices such as veggies, dried fruit and unsalted nuts for natural energy without the hidden extras that can sabotage your diet.

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