Midlife: Women Have Them Too

April 29, 2008 by momabiz  
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I was thirty five when I realized I was having mine.Ask and you just might recieve.

You wake up one day and realized there is no fun in your life. What do you do? There are so many fun sucking thing’s going on in your life and you can live with it or you can change it.I use to call my husband a fun sucker. It never failed he could suck the fun out of anything.I am trying to pin point the exact moment when enough was enough,I think it was during my midlife crisis.

I believe that men have their midlife at around 40 to 50. I believe I started mine at 35.Maybe a women in her middle 30’s should be looking at men in their middle 40’s. Two horny people hitting the horny high together. Realistically most people are not married to people that are going through it at the same time. I am married to a man my same age.I am having my midlife alone but I am taking him along for the ride.I started off giving little clues. We all know men are a little on the clueless side.A few month’s of trying and I came up with a plan. I decided I will just ask for what I want or take it. I just laid it all on the line.

I let my husband know I was horny and I needed him to hook a sister up.He at time’s is tired and I will give him that. If he is tired and I am on ready there is only one solution.Open the brief case. What’s in the brief case? I won’t go into to many detail’s but it has item’s in it that just take very little effort to operate.All is well that end’s well. This does not leave him feeling worthless. At time’s it just might get him excited, even if he is tired. I always thought that sex toy’s were nasty and only freak’s used them.

Don’t knock it unless you have tried it because I went and got one. I guess I have about 10 year’s left until he gets his midlife and I will be the tired one.Hopefully when that time comes he will return the favor and just tell me.He should ask for what he wants and because I love him we will hook a brother up as well. If I don’t he might just try to find relief elsewhere.Maybe it will be in a brief case and maybe it will be in the form of some young, hot girl.Hopefully by then my brief case will be stocked.

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