Wwe Raw Divas Trish Stratus Naked for Playboy

February 18, 2010 by webseowriters  
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WWE wrestling famous Divas Trish give a recent interview to Playboy magazine in no clothes for her new fashion boutique.

Famous WWE raw female wrestler Trish Stratus has always been very kind and nice person, as she discloses herself in conversation with Playboy magazine cover. Trish is a all time favorite wrestler as ell as an item girl in WWE from 2005 to 2010 and may be on ward for many years, but now she is now working hard to own fashion boutique in New York city. She introduces her own career line feasibility report which is published in Playboy naked edition.

Big day today:
I and Rosa show our clothing line now on Saturday. This is a multi cultural event that is composed of different artists including fashion designers, musicians and other female celebrities. We will show three performances one exhibition between each correct. This is different and exciting fashion show that gives people the chance to get more hotels with the design, said Trish Stratus.

Where it started?
We are always interested in fashion and always follow well with what is happening in fashion market. We have both an early age, we designed clothes for fun. It decided to start designing clothes together so that a little later became the logo Rosa. She says that this is the first time we participate in Fashion Week as designers. We have always monitored when the fashion trend needs. However with distance which is not run to get into all performances. Fashion week here is actually down for the world itself, where all designers come together and show what they are equipped to win the last half year.

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