Women Thongs vs. G-strings Fashion in Public

February 3, 2010 by webseowriters  
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Women under garments like Thongs G-Strings are not more popular in fashion industry.

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 Rest in peace g-string and thongs she writes, G-string was a designing mistake because it does not do anything for the body and is not easy. Things stuck in inferior end at best, writes by Sarah in the world fashion magazine blog post.

Let’s just face it the G string was never made to please women. It is difficult to imagine other garment in the wardrobe Victoria Secret that screams more interest men. Lady Gaga G string scandal is the best example of the vanishing trend f these kind of under garments both for men and women.

In public places or at beaches you can view more examples of which are in and out g-strings or thongs in women fashion and life style. In Pakistani Indian girls this kind of fashions are strictly banned in all public places.

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