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July 15, 2013 by chemsluc  
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Women don’t like rivalry against their beauty!

Women like to be unique…!

Fashions and trends are mainly decided in big factories and fashion houses,

to be communicated after for millions or billions of people all around the earth countries.

You can find a same fashion product in countries as far as America and china;

as a result of the big work of giant marketing firms.

Since that, you have no personal style,

but just a reproduction of what exists anywhere on the earth.

That risks hiding your particular personality,

especially for women; because more than men, they like to be unique:

women don’t like rivalry against their beauty!

So what to do then?

How could you perform your personal style?

Simply by the choice and the mixture!

It’s not an obligation for anyone to follow exactly the design marketed!

You neither need to follow exactly the sewing together ,

and the joining done by the fashion designers!

Those are the big lines, but everyone could a personal touch,

that makes variety in the landscape of the society.

Like in nature, millions of so beautiful flowers,

but any flower has something especially individual!

Never a flower is exactly like another,

even they are from the same family and with the same color,

and all the other characteristics,

always many little differences exist,

and add to the nature more beauty and harmony…!


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