What Is It With Those Hosts and Those Boots?

March 29, 2009 by Ritchelle  
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A little sensitivity of an insight on how the humble, useful and now fashionable, classic boots are being rendered a slashing on the screen.

Lately, I’ve been seeing morning talk show hosts wearing knee-high boots. A pair of black knee-high flat heeled boots on their short, 40+ unmodel like legs, punctuated with an exclamation on their perfectly light colored clothed frames. I don’t mean to sound a mean fashion police or a mean soul but what on earth are those boots doing on them, morning talk show hosts that have wardrobe people and even personal stylists checking each and every stitch? Not to mention their show’s producers that can call each and every breath their people take.

I’ve never been a great fashion watcher but fashion is one of those arts I have an affinity for. It’s interesting. It’s an art that has one of its kind for everybody. And surely each and every attire, no matter how simple and unimaginable the style might be, is still a fashion masterpiece for a fashion naivete.

fas. The ingenuity, coupled with appropriateness, of those show’s wardrobe people would just run along a few wardrobe basics putting a little twist or two that the wardrobe people had to and adjust to their hosts’ features. But no way does this limited code of dressing warrant some of those female hosts to jump ship and make a fashion statement that I can’t figure where in their state of sobriety they got that bright idea out of.

If it was a super knee-high booted model who is talking about those issues affecting humanity eyebrows would probably be raised more not on the qualification of the host but on her choice of footwear for a neuron stimulated and neuron stimulating show.

A much revered fashion magazine said: If you know fashion don’t prove it. Personally, that means live it. And that means learning everything you can about it. One’s knowledge of fashion would still show even if you don’t shout it.

Fashion has its rules. They have rules that even the most eclectic of designers follow. And it doesn’t take much knowledge of those rules to know that when various issues are the essence of a show pumps are the only shoes called to order.

Gone are the days when darker skinned people shouldn’t wear light colored clothes. My point is: everything now looks good on anyone as long as the person is groomed and the clothes fit perfectly. But footwear would always have these same old, classic and undying rules:

First, footwear should be in the basic shade of the wearer’s clothes. Dark shoes for dark clothes and light colored shoes for light colored clothes.

And second, serious talk requires serious pumps.

Boots had been around for a long time finding usefulness in floods, muddy places and the racetrack. Such is its longevity that it’s almost a staple which led fashion designers to make a pair their very own by putting a touch of femininity and rendering it their individual creativity. Those fashion boots look good. They really do look darn good. Darn good on those who have either a trace of a talent, x factor or physique of a model.

Ordinary mortals can still stomach celebrities whose hairstyles still spell a contribution to the global warming but I cannot and would not go quietly on those talk show hosts, who we believe has more neurons than ordinary hosts, trying to prove they know fashion. They make everyone’s right to do this look bad. Knee-high boots on talk show hosts is not even fashion for Christ’s sake. That’s lack of fashion.

People always say fashion is individuality. It is. But one has to know the very basics of it to bring out properly their personality.

A show that discusses current issues in homo sapiens’ lives are always bordering on the formal and that requires only pumps. Even slingbacks would be out of place. It’s pumps. Pumps. Pumps. If the people who face the camera need to put a stamp of their individuality and much to be needed revered personalities on their shoes they should buy those pumps that have feathers or diamonds on them.

But at least, ladies, wear the pumps.

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