What Colors Do You Wear This Summer

March 29, 2011 by voodoobrb  
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What colors do you wear this summer.

What colors do you wear this summer
We expect a summer  ”GLAMOUR ” … so let it shine!

It provides a summer full of brightness and color! Any attire is allowed … and especially – any color.

Season Trend: Purple

Return again this summer trend pastel colors and color that will prevail will be held in the bat. Assorted pieces of clothing in shades of lilac, with dark blue, brown, olive, white or cream.

Fashion Trend: Happy & Vibrant

The range of colors recommended for this summer is happy and vibrant. Brilliant colors will bring a strong energy boost – and neutral tones will offset the balance.

Must Haves: Turqoiuse – one of the shades of feeling of the season. Vibrant color and seductive this marina must be in your wardrobe.

Fashion Colour: Yellow – Yellow is one of the colors that have said the word in fashion lately – so do not miss the bright summer trends. Choose shades countries – the sensations “hard” or soft shades – the outfits “Good “

Just in Case: Colors that should we find in our wardrobe … Just in Case …

Pure Tomatoo – red passion must be present in wardrobe season. But do not abuse the clothes in this color.

Fusion Coral – coral reinterpreted

Violet – a light shade “Retro’trendy again

Tuscany – Tuscany Brown … Romantic and elegant

Amparo Blue – the deep blue sea …

Pink Champagne – Fresh and refined ideal at any time …

Dried Herb – Green Urban …

Eucalyptus – Choose shades of green and calm, soothing … for the exits with prientenii.

Tips: Choose neutral colors for dresses, skirts, pants and jackets and adauca strong color accents on shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags.

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  2. Pete Macinta Says:

    Light colored clothing for me, and my favorite color is blue. :-)

  3. Aizarphilia Says:

    Nice info. Always the pale colours in summer.

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