Ukrainian Naked Models Protest Against Versace

February 27, 2012 by nehaahmed  
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Yolanda Di Mambro – Just before the Pret-a-porter show of Versace in Milan Femen activists protested against the bare breasts of the anorexic models. They accuse the fashion scene fascism.

Protest against Versace “Model, do not go to a brothel!”

Protest instead of Glamour: Ukraine feminists protest topless on the Prêt-à-porter show of Versace.

The stylish guest of the Versace ready-to-wear show dared upon their arrival on the evening of the 24th February 2012 her eyes when Ukrainian activists chanted slogans and posters with naked breasts were high, on which, among other things, “Fashion is fascism” and “Model, do not go to a brothel!” Was. The same slogans emblazoned in big black letters on the bare chest of the demonstrators. On another poster was the Medusa head, Versace’s trademark, bearing the headline “anorexia”. With this action, protested against the Ukrainian organization Femen fashion designers, the book overly thin models for their shows. Of these, the pressure would be on the young models, the career’s sake to go hungry on size zero.

Model Sophie Barrett Naked for Peta Protest Against Animal Rights Activist in London

Totally Naked Girls Protest Outside The Chinese Embassy

Are gay Versace and designer of the models of anorexia to blame?

The protest group Femen accuses the fashion scene fascism.

Thin models as a guarantee of successful advertising campaigns and fashion shows have been making headlines for years. In 2006, two models in Brazil and Uruguay were starving to death even. Since 2006 close, the organizers of Madrid Fashion Week Models with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18 of the fashion shows. Following the example of Madrid, however, none of the three major fashion capitals Paris, Milan and New York followed. There is still the maxim “Do not be too thin to be beautiful.” Critics see a reason in the fact that most of the famous fashion designer is gay and therefore preferred for female models a boyish body with no curves, breasts and buttocks.

Naked Girls Protest in Davos World Economic Forum

Why the protest group stormed Femen has calculated the location of Versace fashion show is not clear. Versace booked no thinner models than other international designers – Versace fashion is also because traditionally feminine, very sexy and is characterized by cuts. An excessively thin models would not be the feminine dresses beautifully. One reason for the choice of the Italian label could be his high name recognition in Ukraine and the remaining countries of the former Soviet Union. The sometimes by purists as a bit too pompous criticized style of Versace has always been fully meets the taste of former Soviet citizens.

With bare breasts against sex tourism and electoral fraud

The protest action at Versace is one of many Femen actions that take place all on the same principle – that is always with bare breasts. According to this provocation Femen is the only way to gain in Ukraine interrogation. Founded in 2008 in Kiev feminist group that works primarily for the empowerment of women has done it with protests against election fraud, sex tourism, child trafficking and surrogacy attention. At the World Economic Forum in Davos recently, they tried to penetrate onto the site to protest the “gangsta party” to protest the capitalists. The police intervened immediately. So also in Milan, where the use of security forces prevented the activists were able to get inside the hall. The fashion show of Versace’s ready-to-wear collection for autumn / winter 2012/13 was therefore without any incident. For Donatella Versace, the action is a welcome free advertising, as their fashion show in New York is now extensively commented to Sidney.

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