What are You Wearing This Winter?

November 26, 2009 by Sunandakundu  
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Winter Fashion for women.

Winter season brings with it the chill and need to stay warm and cozy is topmost. Most of the women’s winter wardrobe consists of boring sweaters and dull color wraps, pullovers and coats which they wear with every outfit.  Because of these dull and boring winters clothing there is no excitement to dress up and feel good about. But you can easily remove this boredom out of your life this winter. All you need to do is remember that winter season is just another season and in this whether you get to dress up even more than other seasons. Make winter an opportunity to look your best, clear your wardrobe of those boring and dull winter accessories.

You can do wonders with your winter clothes and accessories if you learn to team them up well. The agenda should be to dress warm and look fashionable at the same time. This can be easily attained by including a few must haves in your wardrobe. A must have in every woman’s winter wardrobe is a long woman’s woolen coat; there is a great variety of coats available in all kinds of price ranges. Go for the one which is vibrant and attractive rather than dull grey and brown. Black is good choice as it goes with almost every outfit in your wardrobe and is the most fashionable color. If you feel like being a little adventurous I would suggest you try something fresh like white or pink or magenta. Another must have in a woman’s winter wardrobe is a good scarf; most appropriate would be a silk one again in vibrant color. A woolen cap looks great too if you team it well with your winter clothing. Make sure your winter outfits are warm, be it your skirts or trousers or even dresses. Go for some nice pair of leggings with your short outfits.  The layered look is in, hence try to layer your clothing so that you can remove the top layer in case you’re not feeling very cold and yet maintain the dressy look.

Make sure to have enough warm clothes in a variety of different color in your wardrobe so that you can easily mix and match these and come out wearing something new and interesting each time. Do not forget that shoes are a very important aspect of clothing. And in winter the stress on shoes is no less. Winter shoes should again be comfortable yet stylish; they should protect your feet against the cold and dry weather yet make you look desirable. In thing this season are boots, you must have a good pair of boots, as they are immensely stylish and yet give your feet the desired protection and warmth. The most popular boots this season are knee-high heeled boots that are available in a variety of designs and colors. If you are not too comfortable with the knee-high boots I would suggest you to go for mid-calf boots or ankle length boots, also available in a great range of color and patterns.  So venture out and be prepared to face the winter in the most fashionable way.

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