Top Six Trends This Spring/Summer

April 19, 2008 by amy_bex2  
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Helping you keep your style up to date. Six easy to follow looks that any person, any shape, any age could pull off.

  1. Pastel Colours

    No black this season unless you prefer the punk trend greens yellows or pinks pastel coloured jeans is a fave too. Yellow is a key colour too this season. Accessorize with chunky beads and costume jewelry.

  2. Punk Trends

    Think Kate moss. Skinny jeans, band shirts matched with a cool leather jacket. For the warmer days try layering vests, leggings or hot-pants. great with chunky belts, scarves, sunnies or a must have hat.

  3. 50’s Style

    The fifties are very favorable this season with crazy prints, bright colours, high waists and bows. This is a pretty easy trend to achieve and can easily mix vintages with new clothes. Match with some snazzy contrasting heels or a simply clutch.

  4. Boudoir

    This is a very romantic theme mixing pastel colours with creams and metallic but with a soft and very lady-like look. Think silks netting and ruffles. Match with simply accessories like a peal bracelet or a sparkly necklace.

  5. Stripes

    This is very in this spring like always the sailor stripes are back, key thing to remember is a pale blue stripe this year. Think preppy or colorful. Not just sailor vests n tops though this seasons must have is a pinstriped blazer. Finish the look with an oversized bag, bangles or little pumps.

  6. Pale Denim

    This is a new one this year. It’s a very simple look to achieve and you can wear it with anything. From jeans to shirts, shirts and shoes anything can be made from denim so you have a lot to choose from. My advice keep it casual.

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