Spring 2009’s Fresh Make Up Looks

March 15, 2009 by Liz Roberts  
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This season let your look be a romantic mix of brights and sheers, soft bobs and eye catching manicures. This is the guide to use when you’re having trouble deciding what will work with that earthy safari look or when wearing that sheer floral dress.

Don’t let the recession get you down. Spring forward into some new make up looks that will perk up any outfit and give your budget look runway glamour. There’s a lot to choose from and every look goes with this season‘s earthy safari looks or soft, pastel driven florals.

1) Spring green. Greens are hot again for eyes. Unlike the chalky limes of the past , these are sheer washes of fresh leaf color. Thanks to today’s mineral eye shadows you can apply a barely there application of it over lids. It will look fresh and pretty. Try a pear green with some gold shimmer in it. For those who think this is too daring., use igreen as a liner when wearing a soft  gold or taupe eye shadow.

2) Lilacs in bloom. As well as lavender and plums. Soft purples seem to be dominating the face this season. Try a dusty lilac on eyes for a soft romantic look. Don’t over purple it though. Use a pale pink blush and barely there pinkish gloss to finish the look. If you’re going for a lavender mouth, again, use the pale pink blush and this time soften eyes with a light grey or brown eye shadow.

3)Coral brief. Coral lipstick is making a big comeback this spring. No, it’s nothing like that neon shade our moms and grannies wore in the Sixties and even Seventies. This is a softer, glossier version. Think lips getting stained by an orange popsicle. Another good look is a wash of a sheer coral blush over the entire face. This gives the healthiest glow and you can wear it sans everything else.

4) Va va voom lips. Bright red lipstick is making a big comeback this spring. If the color is too bright for you, get a stain and swipe it on. Remember that you don’t need anything else. Keep eyes and cheeks bare. The only thing you can get away with is one or two coats of mascara or a light dusting of pale pink or peach blush.

5) The outgrown bob. This is the latest haircut now worn by everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Moss. It’s a bob that just brushes the shoulders and looks like the wearer cut it herself. It’s actually an easy maintenance style and a good length for anyone wanting to go shorter. Add some highlights for a sun kissed look.

6) Goldeneye. Bronze eyeliner is making a big comeback this Spring 2009 and it looks fresh. The reason? It’s not a heavily drawn line , reminiscent of the disco days of the late Seventies and early Eighties. This is a soft ring of deep gold around the entire eye. For the best result use a mineral eye shadow in a deep bronze shade.

7) Flower power. This season’s face will also look like it’s been kissed by the garden. Light, pale pink eye shadow, the color of dogwood petals is making its way onto eyelids while cheeks are blooming with bright petunia shades. For this last use a light hand with a powder blush. You don’t want to look too kewpie doll.

8) Orange burst. Fingers and toes are getting a pop of color with orange this season. It works well with the safari look’s browns and naturals and adds a nice touch to any summery floral dress. If the color is too bright, you can mute with a second coating of a sheer peach color (think Revlon’s sheers line).

Liven up your spring wardrobe with some fresh looks for your face, hair and nails. Use the variety of this season’s colors to create a variety of looks for warm Spring days and balmy Spring nights.

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  1. jo oliver Says:

    Liz thx for the colorful style lesson. It was well needed here- LOL.

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