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March 3, 2007 by Christen Stoneberg  
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What’s “Out”…
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boho chic/peasant skirts
denim skirt + leggings + flats

On Its Last Leg

The Skinny Jean – You knew it was inevitable. As a backlash against the ubiquitous skinny jean of 2006, wide-legged jeans & trousers, and pants with an overall relaxed fit are being introduced. I say that any style worn and made famous by Audrey Hepburn is timeless, so if you are one of the few who can pull off Skinny, keep wearing it.

2006 Trend: Flats

2007 spin on 2006 Trend: A peep-toe or ankle-strap detail. Trendier yet in polka dots or nautical stripes.

Biggest Trends In Footwear Right Now

  • Platform
  • Patent
  • Peep-toe

Ankle Boots

Deserving of its own category. Thought last season’s leggings craze was a painful enough homage to the 80s? Think again…

Prevalent in the AW07 collections during Fashion Week.

Will most likely be to 2007 what the peasant skirt was to 2006 and be a presence throughout Spring, be put away for the duration of Summer, and re-emerge for Fall (which is the perfect season for the ankle boot really).

Nine West makes a black leather ankle boot with a 3-inch heel, that is conservative enough for a work setting but makes its concession to trendiness with its cute strap-and-buckle detail.

If you are a shameless trend whore, go for a spectator ankle boot. They are best-known in the two-tone motif, but avoid being too attention-grabbing in either solid black or white. Renee Zellweger wears turn-of-the-century spectator shoes as Beatrix Potter in the eponymous movie, and wears a lovely white pair in February Vogue in a pictorial devoted to Ms. Potter.


  • metallics so ubiquitous they take on the tenor of a neutral/base
  • Peter Pan collars
  • bib fronts
  • babydoll shirts/dresses
  • minimalism
  • ’90s colorblocking and neons/Technicolour/Pop Art
  • A-line miniskirts/minidresses
  • nautical/Cape Cod
  • polka dots
  • Empire waists w/bowtie or ribbon accents
  • satin
  • bold black and white graphics
  • phasing in of wider pant leg
  • anoraks/sporty parkas

I can get into the babydoll/bib fronts, and Cape Cod chic is something I’ve been doing from the beginning. To me that preppie-yacht look is classic. There is a nautical-themed belt at Claire’s of all places that has cute little anchor symbols all over it….tres cute….didn’t buy it last time because I’d already gone overboard (so to speak) but I will definetly end up buying it in the near future.

The rest of it…bleh…I’ll have to see how the trickle-down progresses. Satin is pretty but highlights all of the fat bulges…..’90s retro….isn’t it too soon to revisit the 90s? Isn’t ’80s retro painful enough?

Questionable Trends


Two colours dominated SS07 runways:

  • Electric blue
  • Acid yellow

Brief ’60s-style shifts and minidresses in Technicolour.

For the 99.999999% of us who aren’t runway models, the neon trend could work if limited to just accents/accessories.


’70s inspired Mary Tyler Moore style shirtdress To be worn with a belt, of course.

In one store (albeit a youth-driven one), I couldn’t help but notice that the shirtdress was already banished to the clearance rack, along with the sweaterdress. Not promising. But looking ahead, it was a recurring feature in Marc Jacobs’ ’70s working-girl AW07 collection. Who knows? It make take a couple of tries before consumers latch onto it. Or not.

Liked it
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    hi can a muscular girl wear skinny jeans and also is it in to wear sun dresses over jeans

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