Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?

October 22, 2008 by Carol Forsloff  
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Do women still insist on a diamond engagement ring or are there other choices? What do women want, and are diamonds still the only choice to be that best friend for weddings and such. Turns out there are options, and that’s okay. So let’s look at some of these.

I’ve had one, and never thought about another one. I got it when I was engaged, and it was an important time in my life. Ever so often, I sit and stare at my diamond ring and consider myself lucky. I’ve had a diamond in my life, but I wonder whether they are still girl’s best friend. Are girls seeking diamonds to cement their relationships or does something else work just as well?

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell proclaimed diamonds to be special. Marilyn was so hooked on them in the movie called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes that she went to great lengths to get them. So the next question about contemporary life and diamonds, is whether women go to great lengths to get them now and whether that best friend factor has kept them permanent in the culture.

A lot of women these days say it’s time to let go. There’s no market for returned engagement rings and the dazzlers of days gone by keeping a guy broke for months if not for years makes no good case for matrimony when there are so many other things to buy. Diamonds remain the first choice, however, of most women; although interviews with them found flexibility these days. Zircons or fake diamonds were applauded if those fabulous fakes look fabulous. Also birthstones and elegant bands seem to get fair notice as well.

Women are taking a long hard look at stereotypical wants and needs, focusing on things like education, a home, career ladders and areas where material demands don’t seem as critical as they once were. In other words, the diamond is forever seems to be no more forever than marriages are, with only about half of women declaring that the diamond was the only option, and then the bigger the better. Most women are inclined to be thrifty, knowing that the debt the guy has will influence what happens after marriage.

So while diamonds remain popular, they aren’t the best friend they used to be. Special occasions, something to save more, anniversaries or an elegant gift to woo a fair maiden remain diamond incentives. Still it’s nice to know that a girl without a diamond will have many friends anyway, among a variety of choices.

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