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August 30, 2009 by Liz Roberts  
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Is your pocketbook dictating your closet this fall? Don’t worry. You can still be a fashionista by following this frugal guide to fall 2009 trends. You’ll look like a million bucks for only a few pennies – guaranteed!

Fall is coming, faster than the end of summer. With it come some new and amazing trends that are easy on your budget and sharp on looks. You can look like the season’s latest fashionista. It just takes some shopping savvy and some style.

  1. Fabulous Forties

    The Second World War look is back with all it’s glamour and sophistication. The easiest way to achieve this is by adding shoulder pads to your blouses , sweaters and blazers. You can also try sophisticated pumps too as well as a cinched in waist (use a thin leather or chain belt for this.)

  2. Lady of The Lake

    The 40’s screen icons , like Veronica Lake, are also being copied. How to achieve this? Try a red lipstick with barely there eye make up and blush. Remember to pick a red that suits you. Fair haired and light skinned women look good with a red with a bluish undertone while olive skinned women look better with a red with a yellow undertone. Also if the red is too intense, dab it on with a finger and finish with a slick of clear gloss.

    To add to this look, try a deep side part Forties hair style. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to get that wavy Lauren Bacall look. Go to budget sites like e.l.f., Everyday Minerals and Signature Minerals to save on retro make up. Buy the always low cost styling V05 shampoos, conditioners and styling products to achieve the glorious waves and curls

  3. Eighties Revisited

    You knew an Eighties revival was inevitable. Embrace the “greed is good” era by being greedy with saving money. You can have the retro hair with just a tube of gel and some creativity.

    As far as the bright colors, look to Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart for neon bright accessories or even a color bright tee You can also put together an all black outfit and accentuate with a bright scarf ,jewelry or belts just like women did during the Duran Duran era.

  4. Ruffle Ker-tuffle

    The latest craze is ruffling. Ruffles are big right now whether on dresses, or blouses. Even shoes and bags have them too. You can buy some pretty ruffled blouses at Target for under twenty bucks. Chadwick’s also has some neat ruffled sweaters for under thirty bucks. These go great with jeans or skirts.

    Another way of jumping on this trend is by getting lace trim and sewing it onto your tees and plain oxford shirts. You can create something demure or fancy and fun for just a few bucks and a sewing machine.

  5. Purple Reigns

    The royal color reigns supreme this season. Purple is everywhere from lipstick to tights, from shoes to bags. Thanks to its’ intensity just one purple item will suffice. You can think about violet and grape colored eye shadows that start at $2.50 from Everyday Minerals or a deep plum lipstick for five bucks from e.l.f. Cosmetics.

    Another purple pick up is a pair of tights. Wear with a leather skirt for a nod to the Eighties trend. A luxe look is a deep plum cashmere tee. This can carry you from date night to office meetings.

  6. Golden Eye

    Another look that’s hot is a shimmery eye. Again you can go to any of the mineral cosmetic companies ( can’t stress this enough but Everyday Minerals is a big financial help here at $2.50 for a small pot of shadow) to get a lid that’s bathed in gold. Just a shimmer will update any look.

    For evening think about lining your eyes with a bronze eyeliner to continue the gilded look. A party look is using the $5.00 e.l.f. eye shadows that come in cool neutral shimmers along with the same priced mineral eye liners.

  7. Mad For Plaid

    Tartan back in a big way again. If you feel that the trend is too overwhelming invest in just a scarf or hat to wear with a denim or leather jacket. A cute trend is a tartan tunic which looks neat with leggings. This can be worn with a long sleeved tee underneath or just as it is. You can also buy material and make easy tartan vests or even handbags.

  8. Be a Man

    Or just look like one. Menswear is big right now. If you’re going to buy a suit buy one that‘s on sale or from an outlet store. Pair it with a plain oxford shirt and even a tie stolen from your favorite male.

    Another masculine look turned feminine is the boyfriend blazer. Use it for everything from work to a night out with the girls. Top off the look with a fedora and skinny black jeans for a punk meets teddy boy look.

  9. Animal Passions

    Animal prints are making a comeback. You can easily buy animal prints to make a simple shell or tee shirt. Another way of getting the look cheap is with accessories. Liven up last year’s somber black suit with a zebra or leopard skin belt or scarf. Also think about a faux fur hat or vest to add versatility to your drab winter wardrobe.

You can still be chic and trendy even though you’re penny pinching. It just takes smart shopping and some flair to weave your way through this season’s trends. Be sharp looking by being sharp with your spending.

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