Top Women’s Fashion Trends On The Slopes This Year

November 13, 2013 by Emily hall  
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Women’s Fashion Trends.

Once you have acquired good ski insurance it’s time to concentrate on looking great on the slopes. Fashion trends have, thankfully, moved towards being both functional and stylish and you can now feel snug and warm along with looking good and being up to date with fashion. 

Double the Designs

Designers like Stella McCartney have partnered with leading sports kit manufacturers to create ski wear with jackets that look as trendy on the cold, winter streets of New York as they do on the world’s most fashionable ski slopes. Her designs also incorporate a reflector chip, which allows rescuers to locate you in the event of an accident. Those who previously had the difficult choice between staying warm and dry as opposed to looking great and being stylish can relax. What separates today’s trendiest designs from those of yesterday is the fact that they offer maximum protection against those snowy weather conditions that skiing enthusiasts pray for.

When it comes to purchasing ski wear, then, as with most purchases, you get exactly what you pay for. The fabric used in the latest high-fashion designer ski wear is chosen for its proven ability to insulate the wearer from cold and damp. It needs to be warm, windproof and waterproof, but also lightweight and breathable to accommodate the sweat factor that accompanies lengthy periods of skiing, or perhaps some downhill racing. Top designers will take all of these aspects into account to produce items of clothing that are both practical and beautiful. If you are an avid skier, then investing in top-of-the-line ski apparel will ensure that ski trips are not marred by discomfort.

Luxurious Layering

Wool is the fabric of choice for under layers, as it is far better at insulating than cotton. Icebreakers manufacture thermals in different weightings that are also guaranteed not to smell like a wet dog if water does manage to penetrate. Longlanier’s offer sweaters that are both functional and sleek and that have a retro fabric patch on the shoulder for those who carry their skis this way. Uniqlo manufacture leggings and thin, hooded tops that allow easy movement, so as not to cramp your style. Outer layers are as focused on performance.

Skirting the Issue

Every good ski jacket will feature a snow skirt, which is a measure of waterproof material that secures the jacket at the waist to prevent snow from sneaking in there should you fall. If a short ski jacket is your chosen style, then high-waisted pants should accompany it to protect the back from exposure. Due to chaffing that may be experienced, pants are no longer tucked into boots and now come with a more flared bottom. Elle MacPherson’s moon boots are also highly sought-after for their comfort and insulating properties.

Mittens, beanies and goggles all incorporate the latest in modern technology to ensure that time spent on the slopes are as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Keeping warm, dry and stylish is simply a matter of choice.

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