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April 14, 2011 by leannehume  
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These designers have had a fixed influence in the world of fashion throughout the years. Producing everything from traditional styles to collections with great flamboyance, their distinct styles will always have a huge bearing on the way people dress. Here is a list of the top ten fashion designers of all time.

Elsa Schiaparelli


Born in 1890, Italian Designer Elsa Schiaparellilien, rebelled against conventional life of the upper classes in her teens and as a result in her early 20s she fled to London where she could live under less scrutiny. Elsa had an aristocratic mother and intellectual father who did not approve of Elsa’s chosen path in life. She published a book of poems (State book) which contained decidedly sensual over tones. Her work deeply offended her parents who punished her by sending her to a convent, determined to escape from the nunnery, she initiated a hunger strike which resulted in her release. She then met with Artist friends and chose to move to Paris to pursue her dreams. Her friendship with artists such as surrealist Salvador Dali and modernist man Ray gave her work an unforgettable edge.

Even though her main rival was coco Chanel her reputation for daring designs grew steadily, Soon Parisians developed a passion for her unusual dresses, sweaters and accessories. With her designs being quite strict and well-tailored her creations were often too simple to copy. Elsa had a major desire for exploration and experimentation, with this she used her interest of surrealistic art to influence creating a great effect in her off beat irreverent designs. Elsa was also the inventor of Bright Pink shade known as Shocking Pink.

Elsa lived in New York during the war, after the war she returned to Paris and found a different sensibility amongst its people. Post war showed a desire for simplicity and practicality made the unique embellishments of her designs less popular and at that time the endless knock offs also cut into her profits with this said Elsa in every sense she was still a pioneer. Her fashion house closed its doors in 1964 but her achievements continue to aspire and amuse.

Christian Dior

Born in January of 1905, Christian Dior was a French designer, His suits and dresses revolutionised the way woman dressed after the 2nd world war, with a notorious past Dior had liaisons with the enemy during world war 2 when he dressed Nazi wives and French collaborators with his designs.

Due to his mastery with line and shape during the late 40s he rose to prominence. Dior gave woman a desirable flower shape silhouette which featured a nip in waist, a full skirt and feminine corseted bodice and padded hips to accentuate the wasp waist.

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