Themed Scrubs are The Latest Uniform Trend

November 26, 2013 by Robin hood  
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Latest Uniform Trend.

Working in the medical profession, the standard uniform of scrubs represents functionality, practicality, and comfort. Nurses and doctors work hard and long hours, and these qualities are a necessity in a uniform.

Although scrubs are a uniform requirement, there are many available options to personalize your look while still adhering to the dress code.

Historically, scrubs started out a green hue. In general everyone in the industry wore this color, until later when different colored scrubs worked to differentiate between nurses, doctors, and patient care departments.

Lately, however, unless your specific branch requires a certain color for whatever department in which you work, you are free to shop for scrubs that match your style. Some offer many color variations to suit any persons taste.

A bit more personalized than the traditional green scrubs, more and more women are choosing a more fitted top as part of their uniform. Typically scrubs consist of a loose-fitting V-neck T-shirt and drawstring pants.

The pants have not really changed in shape, but lately women are buying more form-fitting tops. Some of the necklines are a bit different as well, helping you stand apart in a group. If you have a great deal of personal style and wish to express yourself while still abiding by the uniform rules, a new scrub top shape may be the change you need.

Many women (and some men) are looking for ways to express themselves while still wearing the uniform required of them. Lately, nurses (and others in the medical field) are showing more interest in printed scrubs.

There are many options for cut, shape, patter, and style. Women are now offered scrub tops with a cinched waist, higher necklines, wraparound body, and much more. Men even have options for a personalized top with camouflage patterns and some cartoon characters.

Many of these new scrub designs could pass for a stylish shirt bought at a department store that you could wear anywhere. Whether it’s printed with season-appropriate pictures (fall leaves, snowflakes, and snowmen) or simply a pattern that you feel compliments your look, this is the ultimate way to stand out at your job.

Many television programs have sensationalized the medical professional world (ER, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.,) and even resulted in scrubs that match those styles. There is one line styled after the TV show Grey’s Anatomy which is particularly popular.

It consists of more muted tones and an emphasis on a woman’s more feminine features, though still modest. There is even something for men to wear in the line of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. Some other popular themed scrub brands include: Carhartt, Dickies, Jockey, and Healing Hands.

Medical Departmen
Many scrub themes are geared towards specific medical departments where you might work. There are several lines featuring cartoon characters, animals, and other kid-friendly prints for those nurses and doctors in pediatrics.

The effect of such bright, colorful images on the children in a doctor’s office or hospital setting is a very positive one. In other cases, it can help identify which nurses are working a certain department in the hospital or office.

Themed scrubs are a growing trend and a great way to add personality to your otherwise monochromatic uniform. By simply adding a pretty pattern or holiday graphic, you can make the uniform your own; a statement of whom you are.

You can feel comfortable and even fashionable while wearing a set of themed scrubs, like Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. When you feel comfortable and confident in how you look, you will feel more confident in your work. Finding a set of scrubs that feels and looks great on you are important, and shopping around for themed scrubs is the best way to achieve that.

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