The World’s Most Expensive Shoes

September 15, 2007 by Louie Jerome  
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Girls, are you into shoes? Most of us are. Of all the shoes in your closet, I bet you don’t have any quite like these. These are the most expensive shoes in the world.

These Cinderella Slippers by Stuart Weizman are the world’s most expensive and cost $2,000,000 dollars. They have a four and a half inch stiletto heel and are set with 595 carats of platinum set diamonds.

These were worn by singer Alison Krauss.

These Ruby Slippers by Stuart Weitzman are based on the ruby slippers worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but you can bet that her slippers didn’t cost a cool $1.8 million. These slippers are studded with 690 rubies and were made for an actress to wear at the Oscars but never worn.

This pair of alligator boots by Manolo Blahnik comes in at a cool $14000 which is very cheap by comparison. This designer is famous for very high heeled designs and also designs wedding shoes. The good news is that you can buy these fabulous boots and others made of ostrich leather and snake skin in New York. (If animal skins are your thing!)

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87 Responses to “The World’s Most Expensive Shoes”
  1. C A Johnson Says:

    I can’t believe how much those shoes cost. They really are expensive. I guess I can stop complaining about the shoes I get because they are nowhere near as expensive as those shoes. :)

  2. lizzie2uk Says:

    I like the red ones but I think I’ll have to write a lot more on Triond before I can buy a pair. LOL

  3. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    It’s unbelievable that anyone would pay that much for a pair of shoes! Interesting article.

  4. Stone Heart Says:

    What the heck? I wonder if wear this..will I turn into something? Maybe becoming Cinderella, or maybe a great dancer by wearing this shoes… What the hell? $2,000,000? Are you kidding me?

    Anyway, quiet a million article!!!

  5. Stephen Walker Says:

    How on earth could anyone spend so much on a pair of shoes when you can run to jc pennys and get some hot ones under 100 bucks. You could get tons of shoes for 2,000,000 bucks. You could owen a freaken shoe store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. louie jerome Says:

    I agree with Stone Heart, maybe I would turn into something if I wore these. I really fancy those Ruby Slippers. Maybe someone would lend me a pair!

  7. ivan Says:

    Hey guys, meybe when you will have a lot of money like I do meybe this will be chep for you :)

  8. mierda Says:

    those first shoes are so ugly that i can’t believe how much those ugly things cost

  9. Elga Says:

    Those shoes are HOTTTTTTTTTT! tsssssssssssssss (sizzling noise)

  10. tianna Says:

    OMG!! those shoes are FREAKY Spicy on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. jon Says:

    hey ummmmmm…… i can’t beleive some of these people they can’t afford these? i got two pairs! OMG

  12. Megan Says:


  13. CARI Says:

    i LOVE shoes!!!!!!

  14. Alecia Says:

    I can’t beleive somebody would spend that much money on a pair of shoes. Everyday people can not afford to be that selfish and splurge like that

  15. Bridgett Says:

    How can some one wast that much money on something that is going to be on the ground. If people would give that money away to help people who are in need then our US would be a better place to live. Yeah i think they or HOT to but i would give the money away to help the unluky ones.

  16. Rubi Says:

    Dude get a hold of yourself!!!! This is for you jon…. haha

  17. ashley Says:

    love the red shoe not so much the pink!

  18. Aimi Says:

    i would buy those diamondy if i was ridiculously rich lol and a true girl would not say no if they had the cash!!

  19. austin Says:

    wow thats alot of money [ripoff]! who would ever spend that much money on them shoes [not me].selfish people only would spend that much $$$$$.the only time i would by them is never

  20. stephanie Says:

    thats awesome,i think i can buy a pair of that..

  21. gil Says:

    someday my one and only will be having those shoes… and its not even enough to give those SIMPLE thing…

  22. Luly Says:

    In that case i’ll be your one and only ;)

  23. Just Me Says:

    I wish you people would learn how to spell.

  24. Anthony McDonald Jr. Says:

    Oh WOW! I hope my girlfriend doesn’t ask my to buy her those!!! Very interesting article though, I had no idea a pair of shoes existed with that kind of price tag..


  25. imran abbas Says:

    o nice,i like designer shoes but not like that,who ll bye this?did u sell any 1?

  26. xxxBabbii3krishxxx Says:

    well ! i never heard about these. my dads more than a millionaire and i have demanded 4 those ruby ones and cinderellas and guess what i got em! i feel sorry 4 people who can’t afford these things but thats there problem.i’m really rich so i could buy 10 ov em if i wanted to! furthermore i live in hollywood and i know load ov people like p.diddy , Rihanna,Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez and more and it can’t get any better.There just great friends 2 have? so who wants to be my friend ? i’ll introduce u 2 everyone i know in hollywood!

  27. louie jerome Says:

    They must be copies Babbi….these were all one off designs! LOL

  28. xxxbabii3krishxxx Says:

    ur joking me right? louie they r real. the desighner himself presented the shoes to me himself.they r real for a fact!

  29. aaaa Says:

    I will spend 1.8 million for one pair shose whan I’m an actress

  30. ROSS Says:

    WTF…this is insane…hope wifey doesent see this on the net…a pair of shoes that cost more than my dream house and car…WOW!!

  31. triszha Says:

    whoaaa… :) i was looking for these… now i know how it looks like….

  32. sammi Says:

    waste of money$100000000000

  33. Quenn Says:

    Looks as if xxxBabbii3krishxxx should have used that money she wasted on shoes to get a better education. “There just great friends….” Should be “They’re” meaning “They are”. Hard to believe that one who claims to be smooching off of their rich Daddy
    could be so uneducated.
    As for the shoes, who really gives a hoot how much you paid (or wasted)for a pair of shoes. Give me a comfortable pair of running shoes and I’ll be happy.

  34. Shoe freak Says:

    I also LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE shoes.. Cari no. 13 you are cool!

  35. dolores Says:

    i personally own 67 pairs of monolos, 41 pairs of cjoos, 14 lulu guiness bags and the whole of stuart weitzmen’s latest collection.

  36. lol cow poo Says:

    dude wtf… who would buy a pair of shoes for 2mil?????/ stuff that, i’d buy a helicopter :O anywayz it would take alot of bank robbing…

  37. dolores Says:

    im poor i think i own 67 paris of monolos but i dont =[ cuz im lied and im dumb and i cant spell ooooo look at me

  38. Aaron Says:

    hi aaron you have small feet

  39. hi woody Says:

    u have a head like a duck :)

  40. shoe freak Says:

    i hate shoes :)

  41. hi Says:

    hi aaron & jamie

  42. im a boy Says:

    i bought my wife 6 of those pairs

  43. soledad Says:

    wow their not realy worth it

  44. youngdiamondstud Says:

    man these hella ugly and not worth it…..

  45. j0yce Says:

    oh my god,,,this pairs of shoes is very glamor0us.!

  46. IHAVEMONEY Says:


  47. rachel Says:

    i want thoses shoes

  48. ... Says:

    yuhr crazy!

  49. amber Says:

    omg… those shoes are soooooo cheap…well…at least for me because I am filthy RICH! people are crazy if they can’t afford those. Ilove the red ones and I have some just like them but the ones I have are way more expensive. I also like the boots. Yesterday I bought me a pair just like that, They are soooo cute and I am wearing them right now.The pair is sooooooooo UGLY! lol

  50. .......- Says:

    omg i have like 3 pairs of them ! they are sooo i luvvv the red ones

  51. .......- Says:

    im just kidding–they are really expensive though

  52. Emily Says:

    All of my shoes put together AND my other accesories wouldn’t even cost HALF as much as these shoes!!! i love the red ones! wouldn’t u feel so rich wearing them?!?! The skin ones aren’t that nice… imagine wearing somebody elses skin… eeeeewwww!!

  53. annalise Says:

    omg there garguws and arrsome totally :D

  54. loafer pinkly Says:

    theres some brilliant shoes there like but some are old fasionded :P

  55. Lili Says:

    I’ve heard about them and now that I can see them,well…they’re not that much beautiful! They look so ordinary! Why should I put diamonds on my shoes? why not on my wedding ring? ;)

  56. lisa Says:

    people really crazy. that’s why there is a big gape between rich and poor!

  57. im so rich Says:

    i have all of them i have 9900000000 alone my mom and my dad are superstars

  58. ana & tiarra Says:

    omg those shoes are to much money

  59. Jonathan Says:

    OMFG!!! WOW…like…no way…lol…for realz!!

  60. Prinze Says:

    Who’s crazy enough to buy these pair of shoes?
    If i were the person who made these, I would rather give the money to charity, there are a lot of countries who badly needed financial assitance.

  61. _young bee_ Says:

    Well, i think that some people just don’t need to comment about the topic at all. Or at least not onto they learn how to spell; please stay in school. thank you

  62. jelly_my_bean :] Says:

    who buys expensive shoes like this. even though i got a pair of niikes for $108.00 but for 2 million?!?!? they look more like platic with glued on plastic daimonds!!

  63. Phillip- Says:

    Everyone in here who claim’s they are rich arnt really rich, as rich people wont brag about their wealth. You guys just try to be smart but you aint. So now shut it and stop bragging with false wealth. Ty.

  64. Heather Says:

    I love love love shoes… I would feel like the most evil person on the planet. So many places in the world where children do not even have shoes. I wonder if they are the same children that dug the diamonds out of the mines? And after reading the posts of the ones who claim to be rich, I have to laugh. You are so rich that you are looking at the most expensive shoes ever, Don’t you think that you would already know what the most expensive shoes are?? Oh and how to spell?

    Just a thought..

  65. kyarna Says:

    hate all 3 shoes

  66. Laurenisnotamused. Says:

    what the hell ? imsorich= yeah w.e . i agree with the heather girl why would you *rich* people be Looking at them when you already have them :/ im in year 8 and i can spell better than you guys :L people like you make me laugh, so pathetic. i mean im not the poorest person but i don’t go round saying stuff like : i’m soo rich and OMG i can’t believe you people can’t afford them. You people are just sad little people who sit at home on there computers All day and have nothing better to do than be boring . i am not amused.

  67. laurenisnotamused Says:

    i’m not the richest person *

  68. navida Says:

    welll fisrt of al lthey r veryvery ugly because… what is difference betwween 1.2 million cost of shoes or a diffirence betwweeen $100 there has t obe diffrence and people not gonna come and check or they r not gonna come n ask for how much you brought this… i think from my point of you stupid pepople buy those rather than buying this very very expensive with this money they have buld bulding and help poor people…….. can’t the celebrity seee on tv……

  69. Fashion-whore Says:

    I think that you would have to be insane to even consider actually buying a single pair of shoes for 2 million $s! But…I must say, those red heels are gooorgeouuus :)

  70. jeremy Says:


  71. Cf10 Says:

    It’ so stupid people say they are rich but there not.If I got that much money I would give it to kids and grown ups I n need I’m only 10 and I would do that and be nice

  72. callie Says:

    omg i cant belive those shoesr that much!!!!!!!i wouldnt ever buy them….thats stupid if any one would buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and they should only be ten dollars not a penny more,same with me,callie

  73. maurice Says:

    i got the one with 595 carats in it also the ones with the rubies that stuff is to cheap for me and my family i got it for my mother

  74. kris Says:

    those are beautiful shoes but just berlusconi or bill gates would buy them

  75. N Says:

    Very expensive, but honestly shoes aren’t that nice…..

  76. bill carson Says:

    money is made by human and that shose is made by human,so anybody can buy it is not expensive as people say,what i think is expensive is the air we breath…

  77. susie Says:

    dang dude those freaking heels are so darn costy!! Oh no honey that be too much

  78. annyram Says:

    woow, that cost a fortune but so impractical to takes to have a beautiful pair of feet to fit the cost.

  79. juicy158 Says:

    people who keeep saying they have these shoes and are sooooo “rich” suposably really need to stop your liars and annoying the crap out of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. juicy158 Says:

    people who keeep saying they have these shoes and are sooooo “rich” suposably really need to stop your liars and annoying the crap out of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besideds none of you guys have these shoes there one of a kind!! yah get over it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. fiona hollindas Says:

    people who keeep saying they have these shoes and are sooooo \”rich\” suposably really need to stop your liars and annoying the crap out of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besideds none of you guys have these shoes there one of a kind!! yah get over it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. sherina Says:

    Flippin hell they are well expensive and there not even that nice i have seen nicer ones for like £44 !!!!!!!!!

  83. Jan Bahadar Says:

    I have sourced two fine pairs of shoes (local footwear in KP Pakistan) @ more than double the most expensive shoes in my town. I have come up with my own brand launch and seek to target the extreme top end of the market here or rather create & develop a premium segment for my product. Any valuable tip or consumer insight to begin with?

  84. Aubrie Belle Says:

    Ooooh shiny <3 Aubrie like ;)

  85. Dickbreaker Says:


  86. phones accessories Says:

    interesting share

  87. ethan harris Says:

    omg those shoes r so ugly

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