The Women with Longest Beard

August 23, 2012 by onestep234  
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Vivian Wheeler was a unique woman. Interestingly, he had a long beard. was so long, he was named as the woman with the longest beard in the world.

And it was on record in the Guinness Book of Records. Long beard reached 11 inches or 27.94 cm.

Vivian lived in Bakersfield, California and is currently 62 years old and had worked in the circus. Vivian was born with a condition known as hypertrichosis or wolf syndrome where feathers or excessive hair growth on the face.

Besides Vivian also born as hermaphrodite or have 2 sexes. But when the young mother, who left him hypertricohisis, ask the doctor to take a penis because she wanted a girl.

Being the father told him to go and work in the field of performing at the age of 5 years – with a salary of $ 1,000 per month he sent to the house – as embarrassed by the condition of Vivian.

Vivian himself had a boy named Richard Lorenc, 33, where at the age of 3 years, Richard had taken from Vivian and then adopted at the age of 7 years.

But recently they managed to meet up after the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services investigated for 6 weeks to be able to bring Richard with his mother is.

As for Vivian now considering leaving his home in California to live in Kansas, close to his son.

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    Very strange.

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    That’s insane!

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