The Ultimate Debate- Do Men Prefer Boobs or Butts?

March 19, 2014 by Donald E  
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The Ultimate Debate- Do Men Prefer Boobs or Butts?

Similarly, guys who love big boobs don’t really care about a butt.  They might want you to have a firm, well-shaped one, but they aren’t going to be turned off if it’s small.  Meanwhile, there are other guys who just care about proportion.  They don’t care if your boobs and butt are big or small, as long as they match the rest of your body, which means if you only weigh 105 lb, they don’t expect much more than an A cup and a small butt.  If you weigh 150 pounds, they’d like a good full C cup and a medium to large sized butt.

Men can also be interested in different body types with the changing fashion.  Think about the guys who you thought were sexy in the ’90s and early ’00s, assuming you were old enough.  Would you be interested in guys with those same haircuts today?  Probably not. Men generally have more facial hair today than a decade ago, and while many women may have been turned off by a light beard in 1999, now they like it.  Similarly, in the ’90s, the fashion was a small but well-formed butt, preferably as small as possible, with large breasts.  Now, curvier (but not necessarily heavier, leading to a really warped image of women in America) is considered sexy.  But never fear if you aren’t too curvy–fashion is always changing.

Whatever you do, don’t fix your flat butt or chest with implants.  Because fashion is always changing, you never know when your huge badonk will be out of style.  Trust me, in ten years, Nicki Minaj will be obsolete, and her butt will be more of a monstrosity than an asset.  Think about Pam Anderson’s circus balloon boobs today.

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