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A good child who is studying the sophistication for serious discipline and later on will be a good person without stating an impure language. Will you be the sophisticated person?

Sophistication is the quality of keeping pure displays good taste, wisdom and do not state anything that is wild words, stupid words and bad words. Understand the social class; sophistication can link with concepts such as status, privilege and superiority.

The word “sophistication” can be seen as the low social status.

     The study of sophistication shows the style of elegance and fashion, covering the art of hairdresser, the cosmetologist, the cookbook writers, the chef, the diamond merchant, the couturiers, and the fashion queens, the inventors of the folding umbrella…and of champagne.

     The history of sophistication shows the ancient Greece, the word “sophia” in Greek was the special insight of poets…This then became the wisdom…

     Beau Brummell became fashionable and admired.

Types of sophistication

Know the varieties of sophistication again include:

-cultural sophistication

-intellectual sophistication

     Examine Victor Raskin, a humor professor of language arts and discipline. He recognizes the “two different types of sophistication: limited entering a place, or characterized by mediate references of knowledge, and complicate with procession.

Developing sophistication

The ways of developing the look of personal sophistication include:

-Educational travel-note the role of the traditional Grand Tour for European who has a special appreciation of art and beauty.

-Finishing school

I will want to read the books of sophistication called “Sophistication: A Literary and Cultural History”, “Cultural Strategy”, and “Images of the Educational Traveler in Early Modern England”.

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