The End of Men’s Hats

November 24, 2010 by Alekath  
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An article for the people who love to learn about the fashion trends in the 60’s.

During the sixties, men’s fashion did not change a great deal except for their hairstyles and head coverings.  The Beatles were very popular in the UK and young men everywhere began to cut their hair to resemble the hairstyles of the Beatles.  Many younger men stopped wearing hats as they thought hats for only for old men.  A group of London Modernists began to shape men’s fashion for British men and eventually for the rest of the world.  What 60’s clothes to wear, were decided by the group that would become known as the Mods.


John F. Kennedy is often credited with the decline in men wearing hats, as he did not like to wear them himself.  Some think this is just an urban legend, but it does appear to be at this time that men around the world began to lose interest in hats.  By the end of the 60s, almost no men were wearing hats.  Interestingly enough, JFK’s wife is credited with making the pillbox hat a significant part of the 1960 fashion scene. 


During the 60’s, many young men would let their hair grow long and wild as they attempted to copy what the Mods expected of the middle class.  Rock music would play a very important role in what would shape their fashion beliefs over the next decade.  As the decade ended, some men would wear bandanna or nothing at all on their heads.  African-Americans began to enjoy the Afro hairstyle.  Hispanics and Caucasian men enjoyed the mop-top hairstyle.  This style began short and gradually got longer until the end of the 60s when the style became unkempt leading to the hippie fashion statement.


1960’s fashion was often influenced by British television and a number of shows were created to market the fashion styles of the Mods. Many of the modernists included rock groups such as The Who and The Kinks.  Mods were the direct opposite of the Rockers from the 1950’s.  Mods wore clothing and hairstyles of the French and Italian designers.  Their clothes reflected the elegance and style of designers but Mods were not above wearing jeans as long as they were Levis. 


Towards the end of the decade, some men’s fashions began to change concerning the colors of men’s shirts and pants.  New bolder colors became acceptable for sixties fashion.  Wider ties and bell-bottomed pants began to make their way into the fashion world of young men.  The Beatles wore boots that had pointed toes and Cuban heels.  These boots would become very popular with young men in the UK. 


Although most people did not consider men’s fashion to change much during the 60’s, there were many substantial changes.  Men’s hats became almost non-existent, hairstyles got longer, colors of men’s’ clothes became brighter; ties and accessories changed, and pants slimmed and widened.  Ethnic backgrounds also affected men’s styles more in 1960 fashion than had before.  For those who consider men’s fashion only slightly changed, it would appear they would be wrong.  Just ask the hat that men don’t wear today.

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