The Best St. Patty’s Day T-shirts Ever!

January 15, 2013 by awin321  
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The Best St. Patty’s Day T-shirts Ever!

St. Patrick’s Day is edging closer. Some people take the day in stride, others use the opportunity to head out for a green beer or two, and still others mark the occasion with a noteworthy and conversation-starting t-shirt. There are some great t-shirts to buy if you are still looking for a shirt to wear that day. Here are four of the best St. Patty’s Day t-shirts I have found while surfing the sites.

I swear to drunk I’m not God

Now obviously, this shirt is bound to have some haters. That only stands to reason with religion in general a hot topic and the fact that most Irish people are very dedicated to their religious beliefs. However, I thoroughly appreciate the humor in the word juxtaposition and the use of the religious reference. This shirt ties together a lot of themes and therefore has my vote for one of the best t-shirts ever to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. It, of course, comes in a

I survived a Irish Childhood

Talk about a conversation starter. This t-shirt sports a drunk-looking leprechaun and initiates all sorts of thoughts and curiousity. It can also, of course, bring kindred spirits to say hello and relate on a similar childhood experience – whatever an Irish Childhood entails. The idea of survival and confidence leads to all sorts of potential for new friends by the end of the evening. Who doesn’t want new friends?

Irish Pirate Pub

This shirt has all the elements of a great St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt. It includes a variety of green hues and an impressive skull caricature. It inspires all sorts of lusty and adventurous thoughts with a simple design and wording. This could lead to all sorts of success while out carousing on St. Patty’s Day. Despite the fact that pirates don’t necessarily have a direct link to Irish heritage, the inclusion of a shirt with a pirate theme is a must for any occasion. There is, after all, a day of the year that is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Some other worthy mentions for best St. Patty’s Day t-shirts ever would have to be the Irish – I wish category. As in, Irish I was drunk, Irish I had a beer etc… Also, the general ability to vary the slogan to apply to a specific group of people other than the Irish (Kiss me, I’m a lawyer, for example) is a talent that I envy. The t-shirt slogan community at large is a group I appreciate immensely.

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