What to Wear If You Have Short Legs and Long Body

November 21, 2008 by msluck  
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Individuals are labeled as having a perfect body in certain circumstances. For females, they are fairly tall. They have a body that is vertically balanced. Their face are oval in shape and an ideal figure. For males, typically tall, they have a body that is vertically balanced, large or wide shoulders, face that is oval and a medium chest.

You want to have a perfect body shape. Unfortunately, a very low percentage of the population possess these qualities.

What is a horizontal body shape?

A horizontal body shape is the correlation of relative proportion between your chest, waist and hip-line. Knowing your horizontal body shape is necessary to find out what style of clothing will be best for you.

What to wear if your legs are short and your body is long

If your legs are short, wear medium to high heel shoes with any clothing or pants. You can also look taller if your dress, pantyhose and shoes are of the same color. Avoid wearing short loose skirts, cupped pants and flat sole shoes.

It is good to layer you skirts. You can also wear a high-waisted skirts and a tuck in regular blouse. Wear a skirts that are short, just above the knee. Try to draw attention to the other parts of your body such as your arms by wearing sleeveless blouses.

To help lengthen your legs, try pin stripe pants. A higher rise jeans will have the same effect. A 1-2 inches heels will also add to your height. A skinny jeans will make the leg look longer.

Wear  accessories where the eyes of the observer is up towards your shoulder and face.

Wear layered tops tucked in that are short to medium. Wear straight skirts, belts medium to wide. Pants that are straight

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